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10 Tests found for Useful Phrases
IELTS Preparation - Vocabulary for IELTS - Useful Phrases
10 Questions | 1594 Attempts
IELTS, vocabulary, useful expressions, useful phrases, test
Contributed By: DEAN BUSH M.Sc.
Verb Phrases
10 Questions | 584 Attempts
English, Grammar
Contributed By: Robben Wainer
5 Questions | 223 Attempts
English, Communicative English Grammar
Contributed By: fatosdgcn
Science and Health
10 Questions | 2012 Attempts
Natural Science, Astronomy, Solar System, Science
Contributed By: Sherie Cris Ferrando
Gerund or Infinitive?
10 Questions | 360 Attempts
Gerund, Infinitive, English Grammar
Contributed By: Xennia Kechina
Prepositions (English)
20 Questions | 1316 Attempts
TOEFL iBT: Grammar, English, Prepositions, TOEFL Grammar, Language Learning: ESL
Contributed By: Ako Baker
There + to be (English grammar)
10 Questions | 361 Attempts
Grammar, English Speaking, English, Conversational English, Business English, Communicative English Grammar, Fluent English
Contributed By: Fiona Fernandes
English grammar test
10 Questions | 1507 Attempts
Language Learning: ESL, English, Grammar, Tenses
Contributed By: cathelyn merilles
Spanish vocabulary
6 Questions | 158 Attempts
Spanish Language, Language Learning: Spanish Language
Contributed By: ari
FCE sample test (reading)
8 Questions | 289 Attempts
FCE reading test
Contributed By: Xennia Kechina
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