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Quantitative Aptitude Test with Answer Explanation
15 Questions | 12334 Attempts
CAT Quantitative, CAT, CSIR UGC NET Mathematical Sciences: Numerical Analysis, Bank PO Reasoning, Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude: Data Interpretation
Contributed By: Tan vir
Financial Management 1
50 Questions | 1697 Attempts
Fianancial management: MBA:UGC
Contributed By: T Singh
Business Skills
50 Questions | 1722 Attempts
Business Management, Entrepreneurship, UGC Entrance, Business Ethics, Business Policy, Business Strategy
Contributed By: Sangeeta Kapoor
Test your General Knowledge
| 143943 Attempts
General Knowledge, MAT, UGC, Bank PO, General Awareness
Contributed By: Sangeeta Kapoor
Business Management: Trends , Regression and Correlation
13 Questions | 1221 Attempts
UGC Business management
Contributed By: T Singh
NET Life sciences Sample question paper
25 Questions | 6167 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences
Contributed By: jayasri.ganta
Immunology II
15 Questions | 2129 Attempts
Immunology, Hypersensitivity, Biotechnology, CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences
Contributed By: Rajkumar
Cteck-SBS-Unit 1_CSIR
5 Questions | 1100 Attempts
Bioenergetics, Biomolecules, CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences: Molecules (Relevant to Biology)
Contributed By: Cteck Sbs
5 Questions | 33 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Mathematical Sciences
Contributed By: Nav
Chicago city
5 Questions | 14 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Earth Sciences
Contributed By: Fahad Baig
10 Questions | 6 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET (Paper 1 - Part A)
Contributed By: Datta Pawar
Bank PO Test, General Knowledge, General Awareness
15 Questions | 9422 Attempts
MAT, Bank PO General Awareness, General Knowledge, Bank PO Test, Free Bank Po Online Practice Tests, bank po practice test, online practice test for bank exam, free practice test, bank po exam, prepare bank po exam, bank po online test, sample questions, Test Your General Knowledge Online Practice Test, General Knowledge Questions, easy general knowledge questions, Bank PO Exam Preparation, Online Test For Bank Clerical Exam, online bank po test, free sample papers for bank po exams, sample papers for bank po, bank exam sample test papers, Bank Clerical Exam Sample Test Questions, General Knowledge Questions, Latest General Knowledge, General Knowledge Test, Free Online Test On General Knowledge, GK Test, GK Questions, latest general knowledge for bank po, Bank Probationary Officer (PO) Test, UGC, Multiple Choice Questions on GK, bank po exam GK, bank po exam GK online Test, multichoice questions on Bank PO, Multichoice questions, Bank Probationary Officer (PO), Free Bank Po Online Pra
Contributed By: Sukhchain Premi Insa
10 Questions | 2799 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences, Biology, AIPMT Biology
Contributed By: CH.GANGADHAR
¿Cuánto sabes sobre la economía de la Edad Moderna?
7 Questions | 20 Attempts
CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences
Contributed By: Andrea
Meteorology Quiz #1 5.01-5.04
20 Questions | 1101 Attempts
Meteorology, CSIR UGC NET Earth Sciences: Meteorology
Contributed By: Online Ground School
Business Management
15 Questions | 2908 Attempts
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Economics, UGC NET, Ph D entrance test
Contributed By: Dharm Pal
10 Questions | 783 Attempts
Operating Systems, IT & Computers: Operating Systems
Contributed By: suravsarma
6 Questions | 1045 Attempts
Economics, Marketing, Business Environment
Contributed By: SUBY BABY
IT Apptitude test/ugc net Computer Science paper/IBPS It Officer/
5 Questions | 1992 Attempts
Computer Science
Contributed By: shariq
Business Statistics:UGC
42 Questions | 734 Attempts

Contributed By: T Singh
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