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Level 1 English : past simple tense
10 Questions | 1807 Attempts
Grammar, English, Language Learning: Tenses
Contributed By: Elena A.
Questions about the present simple and the present continuous tenses
10 Questions | 660 Attempts
Grammar and lexical questions, Language Learning: English, Tenses, Communicative English Grammar
Contributed By:
Italian - advanced level - past tenses
10 Questions | 182 Attempts
Tenses, italian, passato prossimo, Language Learning: Italian
Contributed By: Dora Rossetti
English grammar: tenses
10 Questions | 1580 Attempts
English, grammar, tenses
Contributed By: Rita Antal
English Grammar Tenses (Short Entrance Test)
5 Questions | 7328 Attempts
TOEFL-iBT, IELTS, CAT, GRE, GMAT, Verbal Ability, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Tenses, English, English Language, Spoken English, English Speaking
Contributed By: Englishteacher Namrata Arora
Present Simple v Present Continuous Tense Test
10 Questions | 404 Attempts
Language Learning: Tenses
Contributed By: Profitz
Simple Present tense test
10 Questions | 493 Attempts
Tenses, Language Learning: Tenses
Contributed By: Nazia Hameed
Tense Consistency in a Sentence
12 Questions | 405 Attempts
ESL, english grammar, test, Tenses
Contributed By: Uncle Sam School of English
10 Questions | 771 Attempts
Contributed By: veronica John
10 Questions | 414 Attempts
Tenses, English, Grammar
Contributed By: DİLDEBİR
10 Questions | 173 Attempts
Tenses, Grammar
Contributed By: Onder Akdogan
The present continues tense
5 Questions | 87 Attempts
English, Tenses
Contributed By: Abdulla Saddik
tenses test
5 Questions | 31 Attempts
Tenses, Communicative English Grammar
Contributed By: Gözde Ensoy
Future Tense Quiz
10 Questions | 1682 Attempts
Grammar, Tenses, English, verbs, verb quiz, future tense, english grammar
Contributed By: Tuitionsite Com
past tenses and present perfect in English
5 Questions | 382 Attempts
Language Learning: Tenses, Tenses, Grammar, Basics of Grammar
Contributed By: Hansjuerg Perino
Intermediate - Future Tenses I.
9 Questions | 455 Attempts
future tenses, future, going to, future simple, future continuous, future perfect
Contributed By: Jazykove vzdelavanie
30 Questions | 289 Attempts
Tenses, Language Learning: Tenses
Contributed By: Rasha Khader
5 Questions | 138 Attempts
Tenses, Grammar, English
Contributed By: nermin
Pre-intermediate: Past Tense Continuous - Minulý cas priebehový
9 Questions | 76 Attempts
Learning, Language Learning: Tenses, grammar, Language Learning: English
Contributed By: Jazykove vzdelavanie
Pre-intermediate: Past Tense Continuous I. - Minulý cas priebehový I.
9 Questions | 76 Attempts
past tense continuous, past tense progressive
Contributed By: Jazykove vzdelavanie
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