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The Imperative Form
30 Questions | 436 Attempts
imperative, syntax, English, Sentence Completion, Fill in the Blanks
Contributed By: Amy K.
Common Word Usage Errors
12 Questions | 1071 Attempts
Common Errors, English grammer, Sentence Completion
Contributed By: Wafaa Eweis
sentence completion test (English)
10 Questions | 307 Attempts
Contributed By: rizwan khan
ESOL - Elementary English - Test 03 - Complete the sentence
10 Questions | 207 Attempts
Learning, Language Learning: English, Grammar
Contributed By: viktor ESL
7 Questions | 219 Attempts
Contributed By: ABU ZAFAR IMAM
6 Questions | 147 Attempts

Contributed By: ABU ZAFAR IMAM
Choose appropriate word to complete the sentence.
10 Questions | 247 Attempts
Contributed By: Shanta Chalise
Writing simple sentences in English
10 Questions | 335 Attempts
Contributed By: Hery The
Post-Workshop Assessment: Professional CONTENT WRITING SKILLS
50 Questions | 81 Attempts
Language Skills, Grammar Skills, Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Syntax
Contributed By: Bhaskar Karampudi
Pre-Workshop Assessment: Professional CONTENT WRITING SKILLS (Chennai)
50 Questions | 92 Attempts
Spelling,Language Skills,Grammar Skills,Punctuation,Sentence Structure,Syntax
Contributed By: Bhaskar Karampudi
Spanish for complete beginners
10 Questions | 1821 Attempts
spanish beginners, spanish, spanish language
Contributed By: Fabiana Giron
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