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18 Tests found for Psychology
10 Questions | 1767 Attempts
Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Applied Psychology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Educational Psychology, Methods of Psychology, Psychology of Gender, Cognitive Psychology
Contributed By: Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson
Psychology -- memory
21 Questions | 1133 Attempts
Contributed By: raghavendra
OCR AS Level Psychology: Core Studies
10 Questions | 1301 Attempts
OCR, Level, Core Studies, Concepts, Psychology
Contributed By: Debbie McGowan
Quiz on the Presentations Given in Week 2
5 Questions | 165 Attempts
College/Undergrad: Anomalistic Psychology, parapsychology
Contributed By: Nancy Zingrone
Quiz on the Presentations given in Week 3
5 Questions | 137 Attempts
College/Undergrad: Anomalistic Psychology, Consciousness, Psychic Awareness
Contributed By: Nancy Zingrone
True Worshippers School/College Assessment
60 Questions | 209 Attempts
Biblical Theology, Biblical Principles, Biblical Spritual Mentoring, Career Counseling, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Social Psychology, Christology, Christian faith, Christian Studies, Christian Ministry, Christian Thinking, Christian Outreach, Christian Counselling, Christian Life Coaching, Biblical Hebrew, Divorce Recovery, Diversity Of Life, Health, Society and Culture: Home care and Remedies
Contributed By: Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson
Quasi Experimental Research Design
25 Questions | 520 Attempts
quasi experimental research design, research designs, Design of Experiments, Experimental Psychology, Quasi-contracts
Contributed By: Rita Mwaikinda
Research Methods PSY208 - Final Cumulative Exam
65 Questions | 1948 Attempts
Psychology, GRE Psychology: Research Designs, Methods of Psychology, IAS Mains Psychology I: Research Methods
Contributed By: Rita Mwaikinda
SEP 271- Exam # 1
50 Questions | 127 Attempts
Social Psychology,Psychology,Sociology
Contributed By: Eric Slivoskey
Legislação de Saúde para o SES/DF
5 Questions | 2 Attempts
Contributed By: Alyson Barros
Simulado 01 (22 de junho)
30 Questions | 87 Attempts
Contributed By: Alyson Barros
Reproduction 2
13 Questions | 1367 Attempts
Reproduction in Plants,Animal Reproduction and Development,Reproduction and development in Humans,Plant Reproduction Growth and Development,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction in Plants,GRE Biology: Animal Reproduction and Development,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction and development in Humans,GRE Biology: Plant Reproduction Growth and Development,AIPMT,AIPMT Biology,AIPMT Biology: Physiology,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction and development in Humans,GRE,GRE Psychology,GRE Biology,SAT,sat biology,NET biology
Contributed By: Dr. SUBROTO BISWAS
5 Questions | 27 Attempts
Psychology, Pavlov
Contributed By: Robben Wainer
CONFIDENCE TRAINING for school age or student/athlete Boys and Girls
7 Questions | 388 Attempts
Self Esteem, Self Empowerment, Mental ability, Mental Philosophy, Methods of Psychology, Psychology, Sports Psychology, Social Psychology
Contributed By: Hubie Magic
Military Aptitude Test
15 Questions | 8768 Attempts
General Knowledge, Psychology of Gender
Contributed By: Rahul Chowdhury
Psychology of Learning
10 Questions | 491 Attempts

Contributed By: Cynthia DCosta
Kohlberg's Six Levels of Moral Development
10 Questions | 1346 Attempts
morality, Moral Judgments, Growth and Development
Contributed By: John Paulett
General knowledge
7 Questions | 9317 Attempts
General Knowledge
Contributed By: varun singh
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