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14 Tests found for Pointer
Basic Idea about Pointers
5 Questions | 873 Attempts
Programming Languages, IT & Computers: C
Contributed By: Neenu Prasad
C- Programming Language
16 Questions | 5333 Attempts
C Language , pointers,loops, operators, expressions, arrays
Contributed By: Education For All
puzzle in C Programming Language
8 Questions | 7107 Attempts
Arrays, c programming, c puzzle, pointer, structure
Contributed By: sana gopi
puzzle on C programming language---part 2
10 Questions | 541 Attempts
pointer, arrays, preprosessor, functions
Contributed By: sana gopi
puzzle on C Programming language--Part 3
5 Questions | 544 Attempts
pointers, arrays, functions, structure
Contributed By: sana gopi
Pointer in C Basic question.
8 Questions | 837 Attempts

Contributed By: Sudhir Baldaniya Software Engineer
Pointers in C
13 Questions | 3349 Attempts

Contributed By: Harjiwan Singh
70 Questions | 2806 Attempts
Computer Applications, Computer Fundamentals, Computer Science
Contributed By: vijay
Paragraphs (essay 4)
7 Questions | 2247 Attempts
Writing, English, Essays
Contributed By: Ron Johnson
Paragraphs (essay 4)
7 Questions | 442 Attempts
Writing, English, Essays
Contributed By: Ron Johnson
'C' Programming Language
60 Questions | 365 Attempts
C,Programming Languages
Contributed By: Satishkumar D
Clocks and Cubes
20 Questions | 40 Attempts
Clocks, Cubes and Dice, Quantitative Aptitude, JMET Quantitative Ability
Contributed By: Rohan Rawal
15 Questions | 1040 Attempts
C++, Language, C
Contributed By: Kapil Vermani
Test Your C Programing Skill
15 Questions | 2970 Attempts
IT & Computers: C, Structure and Function, Arrays, IT & Computers: Programming Languages
Contributed By: sweety
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