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Anatomy and Physiology Test
12 Questions | 13052 Attempts
Physiology, Anatomy, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Natalie Fox
35 Questions | 2250 Attempts
Human Physiology, Physiology
Contributed By: Kristina
29 Questions | 249 Attempts
Human physiology and biochemistry, Physiology, Science
Contributed By: abdel fatah
Human Anatomy & Physiology (2)
84 Questions | 701 Attempts
Human Anatomy, Medical Science, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Kayla
Human Physiology: Movement and locomotion
6 Questions | 737 Attempts
Physiology, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Neha Maheshwari
Human Digestive System/ Physiology of digestion
6 Questions | 795 Attempts
Digestive System, Physiology
Contributed By: zxc gdn
Chapter 1: Introduction to Anatomy
5 Questions | 1069 Attempts
Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Physiology
Contributed By: Mitchell Fischer
Introduction Test to Biology and the Related Sciences
5 Questions | 245 Attempts
Physiology, Anatomy, Biology, medical
Contributed By: Gregory K. Cole II
Human Reproductive System
6 Questions | 1675 Attempts
Male/Female Reproductive Anatomy, Physiology
Contributed By: Minhaj Tabish
Anatomy and Physiology
11 Questions | 1100 Attempts
AIIMS, AIPMT, Digestion, Animal tissues, Excretion, Nervous system, Development Biology
Contributed By: Asif Mir
Reproduction 2
13 Questions | 1367 Attempts
Reproduction in Plants,Animal Reproduction and Development,Reproduction and development in Humans,Plant Reproduction Growth and Development,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction in Plants,GRE Biology: Animal Reproduction and Development,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction and development in Humans,GRE Biology: Plant Reproduction Growth and Development,AIPMT,AIPMT Biology,AIPMT Biology: Physiology,AIPMT Biology: Reproduction and development in Humans,GRE,GRE Psychology,GRE Biology,SAT,sat biology,NET biology
Contributed By: Dr. SUBROTO BISWAS
Anatomy and Phisiology Test
6 Questions | 378 Attempts
Human Anatomy, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Logan Smith
11 Questions | 937 Attempts
Animal Physiology, Zoology, Excretory System
Contributed By: Aleena Das
BIOLOGY (Module 01)
20 Questions | 95 Attempts
Cell Biology, Plant Structure Function and Organization, Biology, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Sajin Sali
The Human Body
10 Questions | 610 Attempts
Human Physiology, Cell Functions
Contributed By: rochelyn verano
Test about Science
10 Questions | 422 Attempts
Zoology, Vertebrate Physiology and Biochemistry, Vertebrates, Science, Animal Sciences
Contributed By: Lorenz Perez
rabbit physiology --- digestive system
30 Questions | 66 Attempts

Contributed By: srihari venkata
Animal Physiology
6 Questions | 522 Attempts

Contributed By: Dr. Manju Thakur
Animal Physiology II
10 Questions | 416 Attempts

Contributed By: Dr. Manju Thakur
physiology of plants
16 Questions | 148 Attempts

Contributed By: lkanthan @viki
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