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English language Level Test
5 Questions | 8286 Attempts
english test, english, level test, english level, tesl, efl, tesol, ielts, learn english, learn, english language
Contributed By: EnglishCentral .
c Basic level test
5 Questions | 1658 Attempts
basic level c, c language
Contributed By: sai
OCR AS Level Psychology: Core Studies
10 Questions | 1152 Attempts
OCR, Level, Core Studies, Concepts, Psychology
Contributed By: Debbie McGowan
Test Your English Level
20 Questions | 1734 Attempts
english level test
Contributed By: Seth Rice
Practice, Level 6
10 Questions | 360 Attempts
Review Level 6, Algebraic Introduction, Expressions, Mathematics
Contributed By: ABw HomeEd
sarf - level one - class 1 & 2 & 3
15 Questions | 138 Attempts
islam allah sarf morphology, Religion and Spiritual: Islam, Islam
Contributed By: zaiba bint hashim
Sarf - level one - class 4
9 Questions | 68 Attempts
sarf, Religion and Spiritual: Islam, Religion and Spiritual: Quran
Contributed By: zaiba bint hashim
CFA Level 1 Reading 6
5 Questions | 65 Attempts
Finance, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: Shiv
10 Questions | 667 Attempts
CBSE, Matric+2, o level, A-level, SAT, G-MAt, IB, AIEE etc
Contributed By: ADIL SHAMIM
English skills test (reading/written)
5 Questions | 3077 Attempts
assessment english level, English, Reading Comprehension skills, Teaching
Contributed By: Andrew Williams
20 Questions | 231 Attempts
Arithmetic, Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression
iit jee highest level test
5 Questions | 106 Attempts
IIT JEE Physics
Contributed By: shayon banerjee
Spanish in Canada Level 1 Exam. Examen de Español Nivel 1
40 Questions | 317 Attempts
Beginner Spanish Language Test, Spanish Language
Contributed By: Spanish in Canada
French tenses
11 Questions | 4158 Attempts
Intermediate Level
Contributed By: FRENCH FOR ALL
Pre-intermediate - Verb Patterns
9 Questions | 526 Attempts
verb patterns, preintermediate level
Contributed By: Jazykove vzdelavanie
Is Your Self Esteem High or Low? by Sandra Graves
10 Questions | 551 Attempts
self esteem quiz, self esteem test, selft esteem questionaire, my level self esteem, what is your level of self-esteem, do you love yourself, do you respect yourself, do you appreciate who you are, self love, loving yourself, living your dreams, sandra graves, motivational speaker, motivator, orator, keynote speaker, motivacion, superacion, inspiracion, presentacion, examen, test de autoestima, taller de autoestima
Contributed By: Sandra Graves
English Evaluation Test
25 Questions | 6425 Attempts
English learning, English grammar test, English level, English evaluation, English assessment
Contributed By: azlangues
English Level Intermediate
21 Questions | 593 Attempts
English, Language Learning: English, Grammar
Contributed By: Ako Baker
A level Biology-Cell cycle
10 Questions | 643 Attempts
Biology, Cell Biology
Contributed By: Dr. Jessica Oura
Accounting:Capital and Revenue Expenditures
20 Questions | 509 Attempts
GCSE, CBSE, o-level
Contributed By: ADIL SHAMIM
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