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Events and Movements in English Literature
10 Questions | 1339 Attempts
English Literature, English, Novel, English Prose, AP English Literature, English Literature AP Test, Events, Movements, AP Literature, Movements in Literature, Major events, Important Movements, Events and Movements in English Literature,
Contributed By: SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses
Human Physiology: Movement and locomotion
6 Questions | 737 Attempts
Physiology, Human Physiology
Contributed By: Neha Maheshwari
Test on INM
30 Questions | 90 Attempts
Indian National Movement for IAS prelims
Contributed By: Rudro Mukherji
GAS201(Nigerian Peoples and Culture)
101 Questions | 89 Attempts
GAS 201, General Knowledge, Culture: Persian and regional literatures, Literary and cultural movements
Contributed By: DAVID MBA
Indian National Movement: Emergence of a national consciousness
9 Questions | 437 Attempts
IAS Prelims Indian History, IAS Prelims General Studies
Contributed By: Avantika Smriti
The Zeitgeist Movement Knowledge
5 Questions | 190 Attempts

Contributed By: Justin Hubbard
IAS Practice Test -2 on Indian National Movement.
5 Questions | 720 Attempts
IAS Prelims
Contributed By: Online Tutor
Indian Nationalist movement: Pre congress nationalist organizations
33 Questions | 798 Attempts
IAS Prelims Indian History, Civil Services-IAS Prelims, History of India, Civil Services
Contributed By: Avantika Smriti
IB Biology: Movement Across Plasma Membrane
15 Questions | 1179 Attempts
Contributed By: R-Lau R-Piz
turbo test EXCLUSIVE
5 Questions | 27 Attempts
Negative Facts
Contributed By: jevil alva
10 Questions | 114 Attempts
Renaissance to Present
Contributed By: jake
The Biblical Aspect of Dance Session 1 Week 1
5 Questions | 7 Attempts
Biblical study of dance
Contributed By: Minister Fran Harris
5 Questions | 518 Attempts
SCC, Educomp, Smartclass, Educomp Solutions
Contributed By: Jaga K
10 Questions | 105 Attempts

Contributed By: RONNIE PASIGUI
Methods and Materials for working with Children Assessment A
21 Questions | 156 Attempts
Childcare, Child Development
Contributed By: Claudia Y. Williams
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