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6 Tests found for Metallurgy
Ferrous Metallurgy
30 Questions | 2459 Attempts
Heat treatment of steel, Engineering Mechanics, Metallurgy
Contributed By: Sundarasubramanian N
30 Questions | 833 Attempts
Medical Education, Metallurgy
Contributed By: MANISH TULI
GATE examination for Metallurgy Students
5 Questions | 1011 Attempts
Metallurgy, Chemistry
Contributed By: Biswajit Adhikary
Metals & Ores
15 Questions | 738 Attempts
Ores and minerals, IIT JEE Chemistry: Ores and minerals, Metallurgy
Contributed By: abhiram VP
Mechanical Engineering: Metallurgy
17 Questions | 1554 Attempts

Contributed By: Kalyan Sarkar
Mechanical Engineering - Welding process
10 Questions | 3969 Attempts
Mechanical Engineering
Contributed By: Sundarasubramanian N
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