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Understanding IT
5 Questions | 31 Attempts
IT for doctors
Contributed By: Vaikunthan Rajaratnam
True Worshippers School/College Assessment
60 Questions | 209 Attempts
Biblical Theology, Biblical Principles, Biblical Spritual Mentoring, Career Counseling, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Social Psychology, Christology, Christian faith, Christian Studies, Christian Ministry, Christian Thinking, Christian Outreach, Christian Counselling, Christian Life Coaching, Biblical Hebrew, Divorce Recovery, Diversity Of Life, Health, Society and Culture: Home care and Remedies
Contributed By: Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson
human reproductive dystem
5 Questions | 182 Attempts
Contributed By: sanchita
7 Questions | 468 Attempts
General Knowledge
Contributed By: Sanjaya Kumar Behera
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