Free It Computers Web Design Online Practice Tests

6 Tests found for It Computers Web Design
MPCEI 'O' Level (Internet Technology and Web Design) online Test
6 Questions | 937 Attempts
Computer Networking,Computer Security,Web Design
Contributed By: Manipal Computer Education Institute
16 Questions | 2477 Attempts
IT & Computers: Web 2.0, IT & Computers: Web Applications, IT & Computers: Web Design, Web Development
Contributed By: Tan vir
HTML - Nível 1
10 Questions | 101 Attempts
HTML - Nível 1, Web Design, Websites, IT & Computers: Web Design
Contributed By: Rafael
Basic Computer Skills
8 Questions | 492 Attempts
Computer Hardware, IT & Computers: Computer Hardware
Contributed By: Kamani Samarasinghe
Core Java
80 Questions | 832 Attempts
JavaScript, IT & Computers: JavaScript
Contributed By: Gayathri
Test on Technology Mediated Communication
10 Questions | 67 Attempts

Contributed By: Cynthia DCosta
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