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GATE examination for Metallurgy Students
5 Questions | 1362 Attempts
Metallurgy, Chemistry
Contributed By: Biswajit Adhikary
GATE Exam Practice Paper - 3
7 Questions | 509 Attempts
Contributed By: Online Tutor
Bank PO Preparation
22 Questions | 5756 Attempts
Bank PO, Aptitude, SBI PO, CBI PO
Contributed By: Siddhant Choudhary
5 Questions | 570 Attempts
Science, Dynamics
Contributed By: panakaj rawat
Digital Circuits
15 Questions | 1579 Attempts
Digital Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Circuit Theory
Contributed By: prabhas
5 Questions | 2304 Attempts
Electronics, Semiconductor Devices, Metals and Semiconductors
Contributed By: bhargav
5 Questions | 742 Attempts
Contributed By: sm
Immunology I
20 Questions | 586 Attempts
Immunology, Health, Society and Culture: Immunology, Cell and cell organelles
Contributed By: Rajkumar
Immunology II
15 Questions | 2129 Attempts
Immunology, Hypersensitivity, Biotechnology, CSIR UGC NET Life Sciences
Contributed By: Rajkumar
Microbiology I
20 Questions | 2085 Attempts
Microbiology, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Plant Pathology, Nutrition
Contributed By: Rajkumar
5 Questions | 478 Attempts
Microbiology, Microbiology and Plant Pathology, Viruses
Contributed By: Rajkumar
5 Questions | 615 Attempts
HCF and LCM, Arithmetical Reasoning, Basic Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Measurement
Contributed By: Pramod Prakash Pratap
IES Mechanical Engineering
31 Questions | 4153 Attempts
Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering
Contributed By: Himanshu Vasistha
Mechanical Engineering
10 Questions | 525 Attempts
Mechanical Engineering
Contributed By: Abhijeet
150 Questions | 4689 Attempts
Accountancy, Financial Accounting, Aptitude
Contributed By: Account Age Infotech Pvt Ltd
Common Entrance Test for Admission to PG -Biotechnology
20 Questions | 1580 Attempts
BiotecnologyGATE, Life sciences, CSIR, UGC, NET, BIOLOGY, question papers, solved
Contributed By: E.Anna Purna
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