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French - Intermediate Level
11 Questions | 1672 Attempts
French test, French intermediate test, online French test
Contributed By: FRENCH FOR ALL
French - Intermediate Level
10 Questions | 1148 Attempts
Intermediate French test, Online French test
Contributed By: FRENCH FOR ALL
French Fast test!!
6 Questions | 200 Attempts
Contributed By: Jenny
French For Begginers
5 Questions | 156 Attempts
Advanced Placement French Language
Contributed By: Darcy Amorette Sinclair
5 Questions | 80 Attempts
French, Language Learning: French
Contributed By: Shanil
French Introductions
10 Questions | 265 Attempts
French introductions
Contributed By: mary ellen raneri
Français Test 2
20 Questions | 143 Attempts
Contributed By: Prof Nelly Benet
Alexander Pope (1688-1744): AP Literature
10 Questions | 401 Attempts
English Literature, English Poetry, English Verse, AP English Literature, English Literature AP Test, Satire, Heroic-Couplet, Didactic Poetry, Augustan Age, Classical Age, Literary Criticism, Alexander Pope
Contributed By: SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses
Test for General English
22 Questions | 4 Attempts
Contributed By: Steven French
French meanings
10 Questions | 59 Attempts

Contributed By: Neha Gupta
Modern Home Decor Course Test
10 Questions | 382 Attempts
modern home decor, home decorations, interior decor, Interior Designing
Contributed By: Dr Miriam K
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