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International English Language Testing System- General, Academic IELTS
20 Questions | 1855 Attempts
IELTS, Reading (General), True, False, Not-Given, yes-no type qns
Contributed By: Englishteacher Namrata Arora
True / False / N.S
5 Questions | 63 Attempts

Contributed By: cansu
Parts of Speech
10 Questions | 107 Attempts
Communicative English Grammar, English Speaking, Language Learning: English
Contributed By: Kathleen Mae Margarette Tampipi
Classical Midwifery; Medical Terminology Final Test
31 Questions | 1124 Attempts
Medical Terms, Grad/Post-Grad: Medical Terms, Medical Education
Contributed By: Tosha Tanquary
Spanish 9-week exam
30 Questions | 64 Attempts
Spanish, Grammar
Contributed By: Cindy Murphy
Basic MS Excel 2010
25 Questions | 67893 Attempts
MS-Excel, Microsoft Excel
Contributed By: Prashant G
10 Questions | 493 Attempts

Contributed By: ASHISH KATIYAR
The Prophet's Smile: Characteristics of the Prophet
35 Questions | 264 Attempts
Islam, shamaa'il
Contributed By: Qabeelat AlShams
Echoes of a Cave: Tafseer Surat AlKahf
30 Questions | 232 Attempts
Islam, Religion and Spiritual: Islam, Quran, Tafseer, Surat al-Kahf
Contributed By: Qabeelat AlShams
Leadership( test II)
10 Questions | 255 Attempts
Contributed By: Angelita C.Almetanio
RH Negative Blood Types in Pregnancy
17 Questions | 282 Attempts
Women Studies, Medical Education
Contributed By: Gloria Lemay
Rizq Factory: Fiqh of Siyam, Zakah, Hajj, Oaths & Sacrifices
44 Questions | 83 Attempts
Religion and Spiritual: Islam, Education
Contributed By: Qabeelat AlShams
10 Questions | 277 Attempts
German, Language Learning: German
Contributed By: Bright School of English S.L.
Parts of Speech
10 Questions | 275 Attempts
Parts of speeches, Soft Skills, Language Learning: Speeches, Verb
Contributed By: Christopher Vidyanand.S.C
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