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Use of Because, Since, As, For
11 Questions | 3212 Attempts
English, ESL, Grammar, Becuase, Writing, Speaking
Contributed By: TEC - Tajinder's English Classes
Present Simple - Quiz
10 Questions | 872 Attempts
ESL, English, Grammar, Beginner, Quiz
Contributed By: R.Selvakkumar
Choose the correct word or Phrase to complete the question.
10 Questions | 779 Attempts
grammar, english, spoken english, esl, quiz, test
Contributed By: R.Selvakkumar
Soft Skills
11 Questions | 4318 Attempts
ESL, English, English Speaking
Contributed By: shilpa gupta
English Practice : Choice of Words
10 Questions | 3052 Attempts
English, Spoken English, ESL, Language Learning: English, Sot Skills, IELTS: Grammar, TOEFL iBT
Contributed By: Puspita Chakraborty
English Practice : Basic English
10 Questions | 2118 Attempts
English, ESL, Spoken English, English Grammar, Conversational English
Contributed By: Puspita Chakraborty
Elementary English Test : Test your English - 3
7 Questions | 4504 Attempts
English, english grammar test, english grammar tests, english quiz, English, english skills, english grammar tutorial, english grammar worksheets, english grammar exercises, english test online, english quiz online, english grammar rules, english online, english skills test, ESL English, basic english test, professional english test, english grammar, speaking english
Contributed By: Tuitionsite Com
Usin the prepositions in,on,at,to,into
12 Questions | 858 Attempts
TOEFL iBT, Conversational English, Communicative English Grammar, esl
Contributed By: Uncle Sam School of English
Parts of Speech-2
10 Questions | 61 Attempts
Language Learning: ESL
Contributed By: Christopher Vidyanand.S.C
Learn Your Colours
10 Questions | 60 Attempts
Language Learning: ESL
Contributed By: Brenda Kletke
Prepositions (English)
20 Questions | 1316 Attempts
TOEFL iBT: Grammar, English, Prepositions, TOEFL Grammar, Language Learning: ESL
Contributed By: Ako Baker
30 Questions | 949 Attempts
Grammar, Language Learning: ESL, English, IELTS: Fill in the Blanks
Contributed By: Amy K.
The Causative Form
30 Questions | 13848 Attempts
Grammar, Language Learning: ESL, English, EFL
Contributed By: Amy K.
30 Questions | 131 Attempts
Conditional, ESL, Language Learning: ESL, Communicative English Grammar, IELTS
Contributed By: Amy K.
Vocabulary Test
31 Questions | 139 Attempts
Language Learning: ESL, Vocabulary
Contributed By: Genevieve Allen
Basic Grammar Test
10 Questions | 1998 Attempts
Language Learning: ESL, Basics of Grammar, Grammar
Contributed By: Luis Vega
Prepositions Test 1.1 - Beginners
15 Questions | 128 Attempts
Prepositions, Vocabulary, ESL, English
Contributed By: David Dubb
English placement test #1
50 Questions | 208 Attempts
English, ESL, Grammar
Contributed By: Sofia Sydorenko
English Test 1: Pre-Test
10 Questions | 96 Attempts
English, Communicative English Grammar, Grammar, ESL
Contributed By: Alexander Garcia
English Placement Test- Level 3
14 Questions | 429 Attempts
English, Communicative English Grammar, Grammar, ESL
Contributed By: Amyal OnlineTutoring AMTKSA
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