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33 Tests found for Economy
6 Questions | 1468 Attempts
Contributed By: svp tutori
India: An Overview of Economy
50 Questions | 372 Attempts
General Awareness; Economy
Contributed By: T Singh
Green Pack: Consumer Society
10 Questions | 52 Attempts
Environment, Economy and Society, Ecology and Environment
Contributed By: Iryna
Testing knowledge in economics
5 Questions | 1865 Attempts
Economics, Finance, Economy
Contributed By: krishna sonar
CPT Economics Chp 8
5 Questions | 802 Attempts
CPT Economics Test, Economics, Colonial Economy
Contributed By: Madhura
Company Types
20 Questions | 676 Attempts
Company Law, Economy, General Knowledge
Contributed By: MBA TAB
Advanced Placement and AS Elasticity practice
10 Questions | 56 Attempts
11th-12th grade: Economics, Business Economics, Advanced Placement Microeconomics, Economic Activities, Economic Base, Economy
Contributed By: Yusuf Ashworth
12 standard Economics - Central problem of economy
6 Questions | 260 Attempts

Contributed By: bharti
Indian Economy : An Overview
50 Questions | 667 Attempts
Economic analysis6
Contributed By: T Singh
Quiz: Entrepreneurship and the Philippine Economy
10 Questions | 81 Attempts
College/Undergrad: Economics, Entrepreneurship, General Economics, Macro-economics
Contributed By: Ruth A.
Geography, Indian history and Indian economy.
11 Questions | 4215 Attempts
IAS Prelims Indian History, Indian Economics, prelims geography, Economics, History
Contributed By: vidisha negi
General Awareness on banking, economy and government policy.
10 Questions | 1835 Attempts
Bank PO General Awareness, Banking
Contributed By: vikas mamgain
General Awareness: Economy
50 Questions | 262 Attempts
Economic analysis1
Contributed By: T Singh
Indian Economy: General Awareness
50 Questions | 679 Attempts
Economic analysis 3
Contributed By: T Singh
Indian Economy Analysis: General awareness
50 Questions | 280 Attempts
Economic Analysis4
Contributed By: T Singh
Indian Economy Analysis
50 Questions | 130 Attempts
Economic analysis: General
Contributed By: T Singh
Overview of Indian economy
50 Questions | 534 Attempts
Economic analysis: General awareness
Contributed By: T Singh
Economic Analysis: income and tax
50 Questions | 269 Attempts
Contributed By: T Singh
Central Bank and the Banking System: Macroeconomics
10 Questions | 920 Attempts
Economics, Macroeconomics, Money, Banks, Commercial Banks, Central Bank, Credit Creation, Generation of Money, the Central Bank, Central Bank’s Functions, Credit Creation, Central Bank’s Quantitative Functions, Central Bank’s Qualitative Functions, Banks, Economics AP, Macroeconomics AP, AP Macroeconomics, AP Economics, Central Bank and the Banking System
Contributed By: SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses
Inflation: Macroeconomics (AP Economics)
10 Questions | 1567 Attempts
Economics, Macroeconomics, Money, Inflation, Deflation, Inflationary Gap, Types of Inflation, Economics AP, Macroeconomics AP, AP Macroeconomics, AP Economics, Central Bank and the Banking System
Contributed By: SoftSkills and Spoken English Courses
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