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Teaching HELE
10 Questions | 18 Attempts
Entrepreneurship,Education,Teaching,Home Economics
Contributed By: Ruth A.
Teaching Children With Special Needs: Autism by Priscila Mateini
12 Questions | 117 Attempts
Interpersonal Skills,Education,Teaching Tools
Contributed By:
Communicative Language Teaching
6 Questions | 9 Attempts
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Contributed By: Esin
11 Questions | 1118 Attempts
Contributed By: GRACE UY BALETE
English skills test (reading/written)
5 Questions | 3998 Attempts
assessment english level, English, Reading Comprehension skills, Teaching
Contributed By: Andrew Williams
Quiz: Intro to HELE
10 Questions | 43 Attempts
Entrepreneurship, General Knowledge, Education, Teacher Training, Teaching, Home Economics, Teaching Tools
Contributed By: Ruth A.
Quiz for Inductive, Deductive, Creative Grammar by Irina Ostapchuk
12 Questions | 173 Attempts
Curriculum Development, Teaching Tools, Learning Skills
Contributed By:
Publishing Your Own Materials by Dorothy Zemach
12 Questions | 55 Attempts
Literature, e-teaching, Books, Literature, Books, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Books
Contributed By:
Quiz For iTDiMOOC Pecha Kucha by Eight Amazing Presenters
12 Questions | 21 Attempts
Education,e-teaching,Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Contributed By:
Quiz for Exploring Easy Web tools by Nina Septina
12 Questions | 46 Attempts
E-learning,Education,Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Contributed By:
Test A1
21 Questions | 36 Attempts
Contributed By: Idiaitera Germanika
Quiz for Writing Can Be Fun by Budi Azhari Lubis
12 Questions | 53 Attempts
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Affiliate Training, Coaching
Contributed By:
Quiz for The Reading Challenge by Marisa Constantinides
12 Questions | 79 Attempts
Books, College Instructors, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Contributed By:
Quiz for Reflective Learning and Feedback by Rose Bard
12 Questions | 56 Attempts
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Curriculum Development, Education, Books
Contributed By:
Quiz for Topsy Turvy Language Experiences by Aysegul Liman Kaban
12 Questions | 50 Attempts
Curriculum Development, Education, e-teaching, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Books
Contributed By:
Quiz for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto
12 Questions | 128 Attempts
Curriculum Development, Education, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Contributed By:
Quiz For Creative Thinking Strategies For Teachers by Sylvia Guinan
12 Questions | 165 Attempts
Teacher Training, Teaching, Teaching Tools
Contributed By:
Quiz For Fresh, Fresher, Freshest by Jason R. Levine
12 Questions | 324 Attempts
E-learning, Education, e-teaching, Teacher Training, Teaching
Contributed By:
Setting Goals by Theodora Papapanagiotou
12 Questions | 302 Attempts
Contributed By:
Project Hello There by Ana Maria Menezes and Jennifer Verschoor
12 Questions | 158 Attempts
Education,e-teaching,Teaching Tools
Contributed By:
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