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general knowledge no. 1
10 Questions | 875 Attempts
General Knowledge, Bank PO General Awareness: Current Affairs
Contributed By: uttam dhorawat
General Knowledge
10 Questions | 475 Attempts
General Knowledge
Contributed By: shabi
Quiz: Planning, Organizing, and Managing an enterprise
15 Questions | 701 Attempts
Business Management, Business Communication, Customer Relationship Management, e-business, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Business Development, Business Planning, Business Process Management, Financial Management, Business, College/Undergrad: Cost Accounting, College/Undergrad: Management, Budgeting, College/Undergrad: Business Technology, Business activity monitoring, Business Organization, Accounting & Finance, Consumer Behavior
Contributed By: Ruth A.
Fundamentals of Accounting
5 Questions | 850 Attempts
Accounts, Accounting
Contributed By: U N Shankar Ram
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