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Business Strategy (Elementary Level)
10 Questions | 1073 Attempts
Business, Strategy, Management
Contributed By: Nikos Kitonakis
Business Skills
50 Questions | 1611 Attempts
Business Management, Entrepreneurship, UGC Entrance, Business Ethics, Business Policy, Business Strategy
Contributed By: Sangeeta Kapoor
Business and legal strategy quiz
9 Questions | 198 Attempts
Business Law, Business Planning
Contributed By: iPleaders
Business Communication
25 Questions | 13211 Attempts
Business Writing Skills, Business Communication to/from Top Management, Vocabulary, Finance, Marketing, HR
Contributed By: Englishteacher Namrata Arora
Business Communication
22 Questions | 1700 Attempts
Business Communication to Top Management, Penetrating the local market (Vocabulary), Supply chain management,
Contributed By: Englishteacher Namrata Arora
Implementación y evaluación de las estrategias (tema 3)
5 Questions | 250 Attempts
Administration, Business Strategies, Administration of Resources, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
20 Questions | 305 Attempts

Contributed By: TUBA COVENTREE
31 Questions | 395 Attempts

Contributed By: TUBA COVENTREE
Strategic Management Test
50 Questions | 4468 Attempts
Strategic Management, Management, Strategy
Contributed By: Vikrama Dhiman
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