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Test about Science
10 Questions | 421 Attempts
Zoology, Vertebrate Physiology and Biochemistry, Vertebrates, Science, Animal Sciences
Contributed By: Lorenz Perez
What do you know about animals?
12 Questions | 221 Attempts
Zoology, Animal Sciences
Contributed By: Mariana Kolarska
5 Questions | 1996 Attempts
IAS Mains Agriculture I,IAS Mains Agriculture II,IAS Mains Animal Husbandry Vetenary Science I,IAS Mains Animal Husbandry Vetenary Science II,IAS Mains Anthropology I,IAS Mains Assamese Literature I,IAS Mains Assamese Literature II,IAS Mains Assamese,Civil Services-IAS Mains,Civil Services-IAS Prelims,UPSC ESE,IFS,IAS Mains Anthropology II,IRS
Contributed By: SAM
Anatomy and Physiology
11 Questions | 1098 Attempts
AIIMS, AIPMT, Digestion, Animal tissues, Excretion, Nervous system, Development Biology
Contributed By: Asif Mir
NSO IV Grade 2013 Exam
10 Questions | 134 Attempts
Natural Science, National Science Olympaid
Contributed By: Pawan Rastogi
5 Questions | 404 Attempts
PMT, Science
Contributed By: srihari venkata
71 Questions | 3117 Attempts
Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Computer Fundamentals
Contributed By: shamila
Genetics(Molecular basis of Inheritance)
9 Questions | 1060 Attempts
AIPMT, AIIMS, Gene expression, Gene Regulation, Protein Synthesis, Transcription, Translation, Replication, Genetic Disorders, Genetic Code
Contributed By: Asif Mir
10 Questions | 911 Attempts
Genetics, Biology
Contributed By: jyrica
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