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active and passive voice
8 Questions | 913 Attempts
Active passive voice
Contributed By: nivedhitha
Active and Passive voice
15 Questions | 546 Attempts
Active passive voice
Contributed By: nivedhitha
Active-Passive voice
5 Questions | 45 Attempts
Active passive voice, Grammar
Contributed By: Neslihan
Passive voice 1 (intermediate)
11 Questions | 4347 Attempts
English, Communicative English Grammar, Active passive voice, Voice and Accent
Contributed By: Tea Time English
Passive Voice Exam
5 Questions | 261 Attempts
Active passive voice, Language
Contributed By: Alejandro Blanco
EN Passives
10 Questions | 71 Attempts
Language, Active passive voice, Language Learning: Active passive voice
Contributed By: Elena A.
5 Questions | 61 Attempts
Antonyms, Grammar, Vocabulary, Prepositions, Active passive voice, 5th-8th grade: English, Adverb, Dialogues
Contributed By: Nazlı Karanlık
English Level Test
35 Questions | 637 Attempts
Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion, Idioms, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, English Speaking, Basics of Grammar, Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, conjunctions, Direct Indirect speech, Active passive voice, Modals, English, Verb, Adverb, Subject Verb Agreement, Synonyms, Grammar and lexical questions, Fluent English
Contributed By: Atheya
Active Voice vs. Passive Voice
15 Questions | 9138 Attempts

Contributed By: Mario Gonzalez
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