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Financial Statements
25 Questions | 2707 Attempts
Accounting & Finance, Financial Accounting
Contributed By: DavenderKumar
Tally Erp.9 Online Test 2
17 Questions | 6563 Attempts
Money and banking, Banking, Accountancy
Contributed By: Manoj Sakhare
Tally erp 9
6 Questions | 2159 Attempts
Accounting, Basic Accounts, Taxation
Contributed By: shailesh
Bank Clerk practice exam
11 Questions | 1248 Attempts
Banking, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: mitul
CA CPT Economics test-Chp 5 Unit 2
10 Questions | 816 Attempts
CA-CPT-Economics, Economics, Chartered Accountant
Contributed By: Madhura
percentage,ratio proportion,discount,profit loss ,simple interest test
8 Questions | 577 Attempts
arithmetic, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: Abhijit Banerjee
Percentage,profit-loss,discount ,simple interest test
15 Questions | 612 Attempts
Arithmetic, Accounting
Contributed By: Abhijit Banerjee
CPT General Economics Practice test
10 Questions | 613 Attempts
Economics, Accountancy
Contributed By: Mukul Sharma
5 Questions | 175 Attempts
kontabilitet, financ, biznes, kontabilist, financier, alpha business, bilanc, ekonomist, Accounting, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: Kontabilitet
Income Tax
10 Questions | 766 Attempts
Commerce, Taxation, Accountancy
Contributed By: Jaydeep
Quiz: Planning, Organizing, and Managing an enterprise
15 Questions | 701 Attempts
Business Management, Business Communication, Customer Relationship Management, e-business, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Business Development, Business Planning, Business Process Management, Financial Management, Business, College/Undergrad: Cost Accounting, College/Undergrad: Management, Budgeting, College/Undergrad: Business Technology, Business activity monitoring, Business Organization, Accounting & Finance, Consumer Behavior
Contributed By: Ruth A.
Las Tic en la Gerencia Estratégica
5 Questions | 201 Attempts
Accounting, Administration, Accountability and Control, Accounting & Finance, Strategic management
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
SAP FI Test - 01 (Basic Concepts & Organizational Structure)
20 Questions | 621 Attempts
Enterprise resource planning(ERP),SAP Certification,Finance,Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: Saurabh Patni
10 Questions | 91 Attempts
Accounting & Finance, Cost Accounting
Contributed By: Mowafak Ali
El Kaisen Semana 2
5 Questions | 331 Attempts
Administration of Resources, Accountability and Control, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
Gerencia estratégica
5 Questions | 117 Attempts
Administration, Accountability and Control, Strategic management
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
Formulación de Estrategias No. 2
5 Questions | 91 Attempts
Administration,Accountability and Control,Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
Implementación y evaluación de las estrategias (tema 3)
5 Questions | 263 Attempts
Administration, Business Strategies, Administration of Resources, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: nancy carmina gonzalez de olivo
CA CPT - Economics Test 1 Money and Banking
22 Questions | 613 Attempts
Money and banking, Economics, Chartered Accountant
Contributed By: Arinjay Jain
CFA Level 1 Reading 6
5 Questions | 77 Attempts
Finance, Accounting & Finance
Contributed By: Shiv
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