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English Level Test
35 Questions | 1159 Attempts
Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion, Idioms, Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, English Speaking, Basics of Grammar, Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, conjunctions, Direct Indirect speech, Active passive voice, Modals, English, Verb, Adverb, Subject Verb Agreement, Synonyms, Grammar and lexical questions, Fluent English
Contributed By: Atheya
Level 1 quiz
10 Questions | 140 Attempts
can, present simple, posssessive 's, verb to be, possessive adjectives
Contributed By: Johana Paola Castaneda
Test For Java (Intermediate Level)
10 Questions | 1614 Attempts
Contributed By: Harish Singh
AS level physics unit 1
10 Questions | 629 Attempts

Contributed By: ahsan m
Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) Level 1 test
10 Questions | 603 Attempts

Contributed By: Ashish
CFA (USA) Level 1 test
24 Questions | 2210 Attempts
Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Study Session 7, Study Session 8, CFA (USA)
Contributed By: Ashish
Syntax in English Grammar Level 1
10 Questions | 1638 Attempts
Contributed By: Robben Wainer
CAT Math (Progression) Difficulty Level - 1
5 Questions | 204 Attempts
Mathematics, CAT
Contributed By: Amit Kumar Jha
5 Questions | 171 Attempts
CAT, Mathematics
Contributed By: Amit Kumar Jha
Kohlberg's Six Levels of Moral Development
10 Questions | 1346 Attempts
morality, Moral Judgments, Growth and Development
Contributed By: John Paulett
Google Analytics - Level 1 - Interpreting Reports
30 Questions | 615 Attempts
google analytics, IT & Computers: Google
Contributed By: Daryl
10 Questions | 820 Attempts
Organic Chemistry, IIT JEE, AIEEE
Contributed By: BC SINHA
IIT JEE highest level test
6 Questions | 152 Attempts
IIT JEE Physics, Electrostatics, IIT JEE
Contributed By: shayon banerjee
Google Analytics - Level 1 - Interpreting Reports
50 Questions | 2630 Attempts
google analytics, Google
Contributed By: Daryl
iit jee highest level test number 2
7 Questions | 237 Attempts
iit jee, IIT JEE Physics, AIEEE, AIEEE Physics, IAS Mains Physics I, AIPMT, AIPMT Physics, Mechanics, Physics
Contributed By: shayon banerjee
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 40 th secondary school Level one 1st exam
8 Questions | 211 Attempts
English, Grammar, Vocabulary
Contributed By: omayma Al-Ahmadi
Trigonometry IIT level test
5 Questions | 154 Attempts
Trigonometry, Mathematics, IIT JEE Mathematics: Trigonometry
Contributed By: Vineel chandra
Level 1 English : past simple tense
10 Questions | 1988 Attempts
Grammar, English, Language Learning: Tenses
Contributed By: Elena A.
Quiz on sarf - level one - class 5 & 6 & 7
12 Questions | 168 Attempts
sarf, istilah, Arabic, Religion and Spiritual: Islam, Religion and Spiritual: Quran
Contributed By: zaiba bint hashim
Italian - advanced level - past tenses
10 Questions | 200 Attempts
Tenses, italian, passato prossimo, Language Learning: Italian
Contributed By: Dora Rossetti
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