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English Practice -speaking, increase vocabulary, expand fluency, communicate more effectively and enjoy learning.

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Language of Instruction: English

Mathematics (5th - 8th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

basic operations, fractions, geometry, weights and measurement

English (5th - 8th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

nouns, verbs, sentences, outlining, editing, finaldrafts

US History (5th - 8th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

revolutionarywar, depression, WWIand II

English (GRE)

Language of Instruction: English

Reading Standardized Exams

English (5th - 8th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English


English (Others)

Language of Instruction: English

Reading, Pronunciation, Writing


If I was able to recommend her 1 million time I will.She is a great teacher as well as a great person.So lovely so cute and knows exactly what to say.Never made me embarrassed of my English she is soo patient.I do love her. She is a great

By moradelnafs mora

On 07 October, 2011

very useful, encouragement, friendly and helpful

By hagar

On 07 October, 2011

This was a great class, Terasee, with really good learner participation and you are so relaxed and creative :-)
Thank you.

By Sharon Hartle

On 09 April, 2011

Terasee, it was a pleasure to be part of your class, thanks! I am really sorry I couldn't contact you before the class, and hope I didn't cause discomfort. Enjoyed very much!

By EFL Campus

On 02 April, 2011

i enjoyed the class. in my xams i often suffer problem in reading section........but terassee mam teaches in a wonderful and fantastic manner. i ws surprised that i answered most of the questions thankyou mam and all the best! u r a gr8 teacher

By Tanvi Billawaria

On 02 April, 2011

This teacher is candid. She is a professional. Everyone enjoyed the session. She made sure of active collaboration of participants.

By eSchool Kerala

On 01 April, 2011

Nice going, Terasee

By eSchool Kerala

On 31 March, 2011

Very nice class. you made me to feel more confidence while speaking English. Thank you.

By Mimi

On 28 March, 2011

very nice teacher and motivator .

By vinay

On 28 March, 2011

I was in the class, but also assisted. I think it was a good introduction to "21 Days to build a web business". Now that we have internet, people are looking for ways to make it effective and to work for them. This class and more to come can give me and others ideas on how to use the internet to make an income. Sharing ideas, sharing information is essential. This class seems to be starting out successfully and inspired me to continue.

By Lynne Lehmer

On 25 March, 2011

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