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I am a student of class 10th. i aspire to become a doctor and then do
Female, 25 Years |kathua, India

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About Tanvi Billawaria
i am a student from jammu in india. i study in army public school. i love gaining knowledge as much as i could. i am concerned in enriching my communication skills. i want to become an ias officer.
Preparing for these Exams

class 9th. iit. ias and pmt

Language of Instruction: English

Expected date of exam: 2011

Learning these subjects

9th-10th grade: physics, Civics, English, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Health, History, Spanish, Computers, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science

Language of Instruction: English

Interested in learning these topics

e-teaching, Conversational English, SAT, MAT


9th grade

army public school janglot, India

Apr 2008 - Present

i am a good student. i aim to achieve a lot. so i want you to help me as i want to become a doctor and then an ias. i am good in studies and other co curricular activities. i have a really competitive nature. i love participating in quizzes,debates and extempotres. i believe in never giving up and improving my mistakes.

9th standard

army public school janglot, India

Mar 2009 - Present

i am an academic topper of class 6th
i came 2nd in class seventh with 99.35%
i qualified ntse state level exam
i won the maggie quiz at my school in shimla
i secured 3rd position in inter state creative writing competition
i participate in basketball and other games
i have always bagged a position in extempores.
i have participated in cluster level english debate competion on corruption.

by piyush khatri posted on 11 January, 2011

A very good class. She always come up with very informative topics. I learned a lot about enviorment today.

by Priscilla _ posted on 31 December, 2010

What a powerful class. Tanvi your presentation style was simply amazing. I am excited to learn more of your accomplishments and what you do to develop your conversational English style.

I think all in attendance today learned a lot and will benefit from following you as a teacher in the upcoming New Year.

Your presentation of fantastic idioms were awesome and can help others to think and speak creatively once that first step is taken in developing his or her conversational English.

Until my next POST, this is Priscilla with S.E.E.
Speak Excellent English

by Kyoung Sig Jung posted on 31 December, 2010

Happy talk with Tanvi.

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