Susana Canelo

English, Visual Arts, Mathematics Teacher

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About Susana Canelo

Arquitecta y docente. Del Valle- BsAs . Argentina Webhead, por lo tanto comprometida a "pasar" a otros lo que alguien mas generosamente me enseñó

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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
English (5th - 8th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Visual Arts (5th - 8th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Mathematics (5th - 8th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Teaching Experience


EEMNº3, Argentina

Jun 1979 - Oct 2009

English, Maths, Visual Art

I'm an architect and teacher.
I've been teaching for 30 years at secondary school to teens between 13 and 18 years old.
I've been a webhead since 2006 and I'm always exploring new tools to improve my teaching. As a webhead I've got several blogs and wikis



Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

Mar 1973 - May 1979

Webhead since 2006

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