Sunny Dewangan

Programming and Maths are my passion
Male, 28 Years |Dongargaon, 491661, India

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Language of Instruction: Hindi

Expected date of exam: Jun 2011

Learning these subjects

IT & Computers: Project Management, Computers, e-business, Access, ASP, ASP.NET, C, C#, C++, Cloud Computing, Cobol, Content Management System, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), FoxPro, E-learning, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), MS PowerPoint, MS Word, 3D Computer Graphics, Accounting Software, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), Agile software development, Algorithms, Animation, Blogging, Cache, Certified Software Tester (CSTE), Cinema 4D, ColdFusion, Computer Applications, Computer Engineering, Computer forensics, Computer Fundamentals, Graphic Design, Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Computer Security, Computer-aided design(CAD), Content Management System(CMS), Course Management System, Data Architecture, Data mining, Data modeling, Data Structure, Data Warehousing, Database Management System (DBMS), Delphi, Desktop publishing, Educational Technology, Electronic commerce (e-commerce), Enterprise resource planning(ERP), European Computer Driving License(ECDL), Fortran, Google, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML), IBM RPG, iMovie, Information security, Information Technology (IT), Information technology governance, Internet Marketing, IT Certifications, Java, Java Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Platform Micro Edition(J2ME), JavaScript, LightWave 3D, Linux, Management information system(MIS), Markup Languages, Multimedia, Microsoft Access, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Visual Studio, Movie Maker, MS-DOS, MS-Excel, MS-Office, MS-Outlook, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Word, MySQL, Network security, Networking Technology, Open Office, Open Source Technologies, Operating Systems, Oracle, Pascal, Python, Red Hat, Robotics, Ruby, Scripting Languages, Service-oriented architecture(SOA), Social Networking, Software Applications, Software Engineering, Software Testing, SQL Server, Storage Management System, Structured Query Language(SQL), System Administration, Systems Analysis and Design, UNIX, VBScript, Virtual Environment, Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic(VB), Visual FoxPro, Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP), Web 2.0, Web Applications, Web Design, Web Development, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Office, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Yahoo, Client server Architecture, Cyber Law, Ethical Hacking, GUI Automation, e-teaching, Instructional Design, Online games, Technology Integration, Web Search, Web Services, Web Usability, Image Processing, Assembly Languages, Internet Business, Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW), Certified Security Professional, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), Computer Network, Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Distributed Computing, Microsoft .NET

Language of Instruction: English

Career & Vocational: Dance, Music, eTeaching, E-learning, Editing, Astrology, Cinema, Coaching, Computerized Accounting, Digital Music, Drama, Film and Television, Magic, Media, Vocational Qualifications, Numerology, Translator, Journalism, Private Detective, Technical Communication, Teaching, Automotive Training, Tutoring, College Instructors

Language of Instruction: English

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