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Bangalore, India

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Business management (Business and Management)
Language of Instruction: English
Business mathematics, Business statistics, Financial management, Organisational Behavior, Consulting practice
Professional Experience
independent, India
Apr 1977 - Feb 2016

Dr. K.V. Subramanian (KVS) is a management consultant and trainer, with 30+ years of diverse experience in consulting, for business, infrastructure, government and the development sector; training and management education. He possesses a unique blend of engineering and management consulting experience, experience in the infrastructure, utility and energy sector, investment planning, feasibility analysis, working jointly with technical consultants on several externally funded techno economic feas


Fellow in management

Indian Institute of Management, Karnataka, India

Jun 1981 - Jun 1986

This is a phd level program in management. My dissertation was on organisationl effectiveness.

Bachelor of Engineering

National Institute of Technology Surathkal, Karnataka, India

Jun 1972 - Apr 1977

Was a consistent high performer, passed in first class with distinction

Publications and Research
subramanian kv

there are 29 papers submitted . please visit the url for details

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