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Sri Joydip is the founder of Sri Joydip Ashram, a Transformational Organisation on Management Consulting ,Leadership and Spiritual Training , founded again by him, headquartered in Kolkata. Sri Joydip has wrote Business plan and developed Business Strategies for 27 companies across 8 countries on which some of them are F500 Companies.

Sri Joydip has completed is Management Education ( YPP) from Indian Institute of Management , Kolkata and was invited as an Guest Faculty from period of (2004-2007), to take classes on Entrepreneurship and Business planning for PGP student .

Sri Joydip wrote 5 books titled as “You can perform miracles too” , “Integral Management” and “Wisdom Stimulus : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management “ which was released in Kolkata book fair. Wisdom Stimulus became very popular both as a Training program and a Book with 2 more sequel on application of Bhagvad Gita principles in Human Resource Management and Organisational Leadership. He was then invited across India from Reputed Management Colleges to Speak on Wisdom Stimulus and he remained as a Core Committee Member (2010-11) of Management Teacher Consortium (MTC Global) – a apex body of Management Teachers across the world.

In 2010 , Sri Joydip made his debute short feature film , Bandematram 2010 which got selected for Kolkata film festival 2010. The film received rave reviews from Washington Bangal Radio. In 2011, Sri Joydip founded ISB&T films , to produce films focussed on Spiritual topics. In a short period , ISB&T films with association of Sri Joydip Ashram, made 8 short films which was released in DVD and sold across India and also received good reviews. Lately Sri Joydip has been working with his Debut Commercial Bengal film – Megher Kanya. He is the member of Eastern India Film Directors Association.

► Spiritual Intelligence Development Training & Advisory
► Self Management Training & Advisory
► Financial Transformation Advisory
► Business Transformation Advisory Services
► Change Management Advisory Services
► Management Training on Transformational Leadership
►Business Transformation Consulting
►Soft Skill Training,Top Management Coaching.

Sri Joydip is also an living spiritual master, who is also the founder of Sri Joydip Ashram. Sri Joydip, has spoken over thousands of hours of public discourses, related to various topics ranging from life solutions to corporate talks on gaining wisdom and liberation. These also includes several other topics like stress-free living, freedom from depression, conflict-free living, holistic living etc.

Sri Joydip has also given corporate talks on leadership, intuitive management .At the same time he has also shared knowledge on scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Arthasastra, Shiva Sutras.

In addition to the enlightening discourses, Sri Joydip conducts various meditation and yoga alongwith wisdom programs and retreats. One of his flagship programs is Wisdom Stimulus ( - a 21-day meditation and wisdom workshop where Sri Joydip takes the participants through various deep meditative and yogic and wisdom processes and its application in wide ranging areas including wealth, health, relationships, and of course gaining wisdom and liberation itself.


Founder, Sri Joydip Ashram (SJA).