Umm Salman Eberle

Teacher, editor, translator
Female |Beltsville - 20705, United States

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About Umm Salman Eberle

Umm Salman

Ummsalman Eberle, Taught Tajweed and tafseer in Medinah for over 10 years, in Pakistan for almost 10 years and in USA for the similar period. She teaches fiqh and Arabic language as well and is a marriage counselor.

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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Personality Development (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English, Arabic, Urdu
Islamic Studies, Quran, Tarbiah, Arabic Language
Teaching Experience


Al-Huda School, United States

Aug 2007 - Jun 2008

Islamic Studies

Founding Principal

Ahmad Bawany Academy, Pakistan

Mar 1998 - Jan 2001

Tajweed/Tahfeedh-ul-Qur'an, Isalmic Studies, Arabic

Translations, revisions, research, special projects, lecturing in the English language in intensive Islamic programs.


Madrasah Aishah Siddiquah, Pakistan

Feb 1998 - May 1998


Taught tajweed to the Teachers of the School


Schools System of Jamiat-ul-Qur'an, Pakistan

Jun 1997 - Jul 1997


Trained the Trainers of the School system


Madaaris Tahfeedh-al-Qur'an al-Kareem, Saudi Arabia

Sep 1983 - Jun 1994

Tajweed, Tahfeedh, Tafseer

Teachers' Training Program, Head of the Exam Committees etc.


Bachelors in Muslim History & Islamic Culture

University of Sindh, Pakistan

Aug 1969 - May 1999

Bachelor in Muslim History & Islamic Culture, Masters in Islamiat & Masters in Business Administration with Management Information System as Major

Publications and Research
The Foremost Obligatory Duties about which every Muslim must have Knowledge
Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab ibn Sulaiman at-Tameemi

Translated with forward and notes by he who hopes for his Lord’s Mercy: Abu Salman Deya ud-Deen Eberle - More Titles forth coming - insh-Allah

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