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About Shyam vivek.ka

I am a Graduate , age 29 and very much passionate about stock market. I have more than 2 years of Experience in the Indian stock market. With my experience and expertise in the stock market I have designed this 'Advance Technical Analysis ' Course for the people who are investing in the stock market.

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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Trading and Exchanges (Accounting & Finance)
Language of Instruction: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil
Shock Market Technical and Fundamental Analysis
Teaching Experience

Stock Market Analysis

NA, India

Sep 2008 - Present

Stock Market technical and fundamental analysis.

Portfolio Management



Guru Nanak Dev University, India

Jul 1999 - Apr 2002

Publications and Research
Advance Technical Analysis
Shyam Vivek.ka

Advance Technical Analysis course Duration – 40 hrs Part - 1 • Understanding the Investment Options • Basics of Share Market • World Markets. • Understanding the Demat Accounts and their functions. Part – 2 • Introduction of Fundamental Analysis • Fundamental Analysis of Stocks • Strategies involved in fundamental Analysis Part – 3 • Introduction of Technical Analysis • Principles behind Technical Analysis • Different approach of technical analysis for Stock Investment and stock trading • Different type of Technical charts – Line chart, Bar chart and Candlestick chart. • Understanding the Japanese Candlesticks and Candle line patterns in technical charts. • Understand the price time Chart, trend line, gaps and price averages. • Trend lines and uses of trend lines in trading. • Trade using Gaps • Types of Moving averages and their uses. Part - 4 • Understanding the chart Patterns and their applications • Understanding the linear and non linear Patterns for Price forecasting • Understanding the head and solder, double top, double bottom non linear pattern for price forecasting. • Moving Averages and Oscillators for successful trading • Procedures to apply moving averages and Oscillators • Indicators – MACD , Stochastic , Bollinger bands RSI , ADX etc • Dow Theory, Fibonacci Retrenchment, Elliot Wave Theory Part – 5 • Derivatives – Futures and Options • Key concepts in futures trading • Key concepts in Options trading • Call options/Put options. • Strategies involved in Futures and options. • Stock Options and index option • Open interest , Hedging Etc • Rollover of a Futures or options contract. Part – 6 • Trading tricks • Intraday trading and risk management • Trading psychology • Portfolio Management • Tools used for Technical and Fundamental Analysis. Practical Assi

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