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About Shivgan Joshi

A seasoned tutor and have connections and linkages to a good network in USA and India to get the best outcome to the learners globally.

I invite you to check out my course developed over the last few years.

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate, GAARP-FRM certified, PG Dip in Fin analysis and Risk Management, PG Diploma in IT, cleared CFA L1, International - MBA (15-16).

Courses that I learned during schooling (in 2011) include Financial Modeling using Excel, CFA L1 and L2, VBA for Financial Modeling, Excel for Equity modeling, Excel for Risk Management, other subjects.

In engineering I did my thesis on "Risk modeling on MATLAB for design". I have learned most of the things with my experience during jobs with Bank and during tutoring for different companies. I posses good balance of academics, profession and modeling and a very chilled and easy going person.

Keywords: Quant Trainer, Tutor, Trainer, Teacher, Home tuition, GRE, GMAT, Quant, Programming, CFA Level 1, FRM Part 1, Mathematics Tutor, Maths, Onsite.
Keywords: Trainer, Tutor, Home tuition, Excel, VBA, Onsite, trainer, help assignment, video solutions, In Person, 1 on 1, Home Tutor.
I have several passive courses developed in the last 5-8 years.

I connect you to the right tutors in NYC, just after you job for an hour, with the right content (so that your exhausted mind can grasp stuff), supported by an offshore team.

I have experience of tutoring Analytics using Excel, VBA, Python, R and matlab for Financial, risk, trading, and other applications. matlab for Finance has been by flagship course with the last organization.

Earlier in my career I have worked and also developed courses in analytics.
I have taken courses on Excel optimization to make Excel programming more robust and make excel do the best for you.

Five year of Tutoring experience with various organizations.
Have learned who learned Analytics from various banks and companies.
My online courses on Wiziq had several hundred registrants.
My extensive experience from banks and tutoring helps me to tutor programming in a very relaxing and exciting manner.
VBA Python R Excel SAS SQL using learning from both worlds.
Quant Finance, CFA Quant, FRM Qannt courses taught with the help of Excel.
Have a satellite team based out of India to support your questions that I might not be able to answer.

Subject areas I teach includes: Quantitative Methods for GRE / SAT / GMAT, CFA L1, FRM L1, matlab/R/SPSS for Quant, Excel-VBA Programming, Quantitiative and Analytics Excel programming & VBA programming.

Sub topics:

Basics of Excel: Vlookups, Hlookups, Index Match, Dependents, Data tables (1 way and 2 ways), Pivots, Charting, Filters, SQL integration, VBA coding, Address and indirect, Offset, Array functions, etc.

Applications: Regression, Histograms, Monte carlo simulation, rank correlation, dashboards, more.
Automation using VBA: Loops (for, do while, case), Recorder, Arrays and Matrices, if else, indexing, etc.

Meditation and yoga. Sometimes I play chess and other games. I am very friendly person and like to work with kids.
I play betting games and derivative strategy games with my colleagues and other traders during free time.

1 on 1 Courses available on CFA L1 ,FRM L1, BAT and GMAT. Took over 500 online public classes; over 400 hours of free recordings; experienced with all sophisticated tools of online teaching. /

GRE Study Group (Live Classes on request):

GMAT Study Group (Live Classes on Request):

100% Free BAT/MATALB/CFA L1/FRM L1 Course

Pashupatastra: Crack GRE/GMAT by applying the most sophisticated, strategic, advanced, and *divine concepts.

I teach GMAT, CAT, GRE, AGRE (Physics & Maths), and TOEFL. I have an exclusive class for AGRE maths and AGRE physics. And for GMAT / GRE writers I have a class for grammar in AWA which is a very unique initiative.

I am taking classes on new GRE as well, and I already started the new concept of extreme sessions of over 5 hour class, with videos & tests & entertainment (movies & songs) all included in 1 package of the classes for GRE verbal.
It is intended for those who want to finish the few sittings, like extreme weekends (2days) and extreme weeks (7 day course of over 5 hours of class daily).

Being an entrepreneur and founder of Tri Nano, I have presented over 3 business plan in the last 4 years. I will be having class on how to write a business plan on nanotechnology,RFID and alternative energy. I have published over 50 papers in international conferences and Journals.

Request a class so that I can arrange the classes. All classes I take are free for now.

I can be contacted at
All the ppts are free to download and all lectures are recorded.


Class timing optimized for working professional, as all classes are from 10 PM -1 AM daily.

About the Course:
1. The course is very condensed but highly scientific where we have taken concepts from medical, psychology, strategy management, computational linguistic etc for making a comprehensive approach for GRE / GMAT preparation. All the research is cited so that the students can read more on how he can link all these areas for his exam preparation.
2. All classes are conducted from 10 PM-1 AM during the night time, so it will not affect your professional life. Long duration classes will be taken on Sundays, Saturdays and other public holidays. Important class will be taken twice so that if you miss one you can attend the next one.
3. All classes are taken with the help of well prepared ppts which contains theory and questions, which are emailed to the students 24 hours before the class so that he can look into (the ppts of some of the classes which are freely available to download

Benefit to students:
1. Be able to learn words faster and build a good vocabulary by our dashastra (10 techniques for word memorization), will be able to build a strategy for each question type by using concepts such as diplomatic-language-of-examiner / Power of Elimination. Also students will be able to solve the toughest questions as the classes are taken of various levels: intro vs practice vs toughest possible question.
2. Special care is taken on building pre knowledge for essays so that the students can cite good examples; this will increase the general awareness. Also some of the research papers on computed linguistic are used to develop a full-proof strategy for the essays.
3. GRE scores are valid for 5 years, hence prepare now as it is possible that you don’t get time in future with added responsibilities.

Ideal case:
1. A person who is doing job and wants to apply for admission in MS / PhD / Master-in-Management from USA / EU during the next 5 years. GRE is a good option for those who are planning MS in finance, Operation management, Accounting, etc.
2. Also this course will be helpful in providing a base for 750+ GMAT score which is relatively a tougher exam.
3. Sometimes getting a GRE score first and then working for GMAT is a good strategy. Seemingly many universities are also accepting GRE score, though GMAT is always a better exam for MBA aspirants. Sometimes MBA (top 10) requires an average exp of 4-5 years on the other hand MS in management is cheaper and easier when compared to MBA (from USA).

Max Extreme & Toughest possible: Two New Series started!
1. In the classes you will find tough questions on Math and Verbal, also collect the mistakes your are doing so that you can improve them during the doubt clearing classes. There is a series called the "Max extreme series" & " Toughest possible questions for GMAT" which is available for free, check them out.
2. Generally, the tough areas in GMAT are data sufficiency and Probability, which you should solve very rigorously. So the "toughest possible" series can help you, and also the max 5 hours class on Weekends online (virtual classroom).
"Toughest possible questions" which solves each question live from the Quantum CAT ( Arrihant Publication, Author SS Sharma) & also CAT Quantitative (TMH Publication, Author ARun Sharma). For people who want to get a perfect score in Math they can join it, all you have to do is join this class. Also very useful for CAT aspirants.

In all around 18-24 classes on GMAT (Feb-June)
Around 18-24 classes on GRE(Feb-June)
Around 10 Classes on AGRE Subject GRE Maths(Feb-June)

Target questions to be solved during class (Live) in the 3-4 months:
GMAT Data Sufficiency: 500
GMAT Word Problems: 500
GRE Quantitative Comparison: 200
GMAT Geometry: 100
GMAT Probability: 100

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $20-30 per hour

Group Teaching at $30-40 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $20-30 per hour

Group Teaching at $30-40 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Quantitative (GRE)
Language of Instruction: English
GRE Math, GRE Verbal, GRE Essay
Verbal (GMAT)
Language of Instruction: English
Verbal, Mathematics and Esay
Language of Instruction: English
GMAT Maths, GMAT verbal, GMAT grammar, GMAT Essay
CFA (Accounting & Finance)
Language of Instruction: English
Quantitative methods, Fixed Income
CFA (Accounting & Finance)
Language of Instruction: English
MATLAB (Computer: Programming)
Language of Instruction: English
Matlab finance
Teaching Experience

Researcher & Trainer at

Tri Nano, Madhya Pradesh, India

Dec 2010 - Present


Have taken several online classes, and have two years of experience in teaching and mentoring GRE students.

Also starting a course for CSAT.

Free trials available

Professional Experience
Assistant instructor (GRE GMAT)
Tri Nano , Madhya Pradesh, India
Dec 2010 - Present

Gave many presentation on Nanotechnology, research methodology, GRE & GMAT entrepreneurial etc at various institutes and organizations.

Student Entre
Tri Nano, Madhya Pradesh, India
Jan 2009 - Present


BI IFin, India

Jul 2011 - Jul 2012

CFA L1 Passed
FRM L1 Passed
BAT 70% Score

Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical


Jul 2006 - Jul 2010

Professional Exams & Certifications

None (NA)


Year Of Passing: 2010

Publications and Research
Nanotech / security / RFID
S. Joshi and Rohit Pathak

Published many papers in International conferences and journals. MEMS SUGAR paper in International Journal.

by Delyan Manchev posted on 03 August, 2014

very good quality of sound and lecturing, good job guys!

by Georgia L posted on 21 April, 2013

very good teacher, nice session

by James Davermann posted on 22 November, 2012

Great class. I tackled some questions that normally scare me off and gained a pretty good understanding in a short time period. He also provides excellent explanations and is a very patient instructor.

by sridevi kesavarapu posted on 04 October, 2012

class was excellent

by Cierra posted on 02 January, 2012

He was very user friendly .

by Rucha posted on 19 September, 2011

new lesson from Normal Distribution and Std. Deviation

by Rucha posted on 14 September, 2011

Good learning abotu Critical reasoning

by Chaitra sonny posted on 26 August, 2011

Very good

by Rucha posted on 25 August, 2011

Good class for Sentence Complettion Informative and Strategic

by Satpal Singh Bajwa posted on 19 August, 2011

Nice Class

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