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About Satish

Satish being a Technology Trainer at WIZIQ associates with teachers and students across the globe and assist them to collaborate through the online platform on WIZIQ.He actively involves himself in personalized teaching trainings and public classes on virtual classroom usability.

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Language of Instruction: English

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Dance (1st - 4th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English


Excellent tool and very helpful instructor, thank you

By SexEdOnline

On 08 May, 2013

thank you it was great

By Jeanjacques Van Tonder

On 10 April, 2013

Very informative! Excellent session. Thank you!

By Rebecca Peterson

On 31 January, 2013

I am quite impressed and really eager to share it with my colleagues. i am also eager to get started with my class to see how effectively it works.

By Adrienne

On 24 January, 2013

Very good, I learned a lot

By French Tuition Online

On 14 January, 2013

It was lovely. Learned everything I needed. One single sitting.

By Ashwin Satyanarayana

On 07 January, 2013

I was having issues with my networks that's why couldn't try out some features, but this was my first experience of an online class and i really liked it. Thanks!

By Sameer Joshi

On 02 January, 2013

very clear excellent management

By khalaf Altell

On 02 January, 2013

Thank you Satish, this was really good, we can see that you like what you do and you answer naturally to question and you are gentle and patient. I am french Canadian and felt confortable in your class, have a nice day.

By Quoper

On 17 December, 2012


By Sadik

On 17 December, 2012

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