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Sandra Graves

Autora, Motivadora y Coach - Motivational Speaker & Life Coach
Female, 52 Years|San Antonio, United States

Member since: Aug 10, 2009

Last active on: Nov 23, 2016 at 04:35 PM (EST)

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About Sandra Graves

Sandra Graves Motivational Speaker and Radio Host.

Sandra Graves "Motivadora" y Locutora de Radio

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $30-40 per hour

Group Teaching at $20-30 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $70-100 per hour

Group Teaching at $40-50 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Autoestima y Superacion Keynote Speaker (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Amate Vive Tus Sueños
Motivation and Inspiration (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Releasing Fear Forgiveness ...
Motivacion y Superacion Personal (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Introduccion de Mis Libro
Healing the Inner Child (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English
healing, happiness, self development, self love, selfesteem
Sanacion Interior (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
sana tu interior, motivacion, motivadora, exito, liderazgo, autoestima, superacion, pasion perseverancia, proposito, vencer miedo
Life Coach - Spiritual - Meditation (Others)
Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Releasing Fear Forgiveness, Self-development, Self-esteem, Inner Healing, Empowerment, Claim Power, Deserve Best, Live Dreams, Passion Purpose Performance...
Teaching Experience

Coach de Vida, Conferencista / Self Development Speaker

MySandraGraves.com, United States

Apr 2005 - Present

Motivacion Superacion Personal, Autoestima Sanacion Interior, Coach de Vida, Exito Metas, Motivadora Conferencista, Motivational Speaker, Selfesteem and Education, Self Love Life Coach, gift forgiveness, Live Dreams

Español:Sandra Graves, autora, conferencista, diseñadora, coach de vida. Nacida en 1970, en la Ciudad de Panamá, y emigrada a los Estados Unidos cuando solo tenía 15 años de edad. Hoy, Sandra se dedica a motivar e inspirar a su audiencia. Contacta a Sandra para que te pueda ayudar con tu plan de acción y alcanzar tus metas.

English: Sandra Graves is an author, keynote speaker, designer and life coach. Born in the Republic of Panamá and migrated to the USA when she was only 15 years old. Today, Sandra is dedicated to motivating and inspiring her audience. Contact Sandra for help with your action plan and achieving your goals.

Life Coach - Keynote Speaker - Internacional Motivator

mysandragraves.com, United States

Jan 2006 - Present

one, Deserve Best, Claim Power, Love Yourself Indefinately, Power Mind, Learn Love Yourself, 7 Days Self-Love, Forgiveness Blessing, Change Life, Live Life Want, Live Dreams, Face Fears, Stop Procrastinating, Live Successful Life, Passion Purpose Performance, Men Want, Why Stop, want More...

Sandra Graves can help you improve your professional, personal, and spiritual life with her affordable and interactive life coaching programs. Sandra is not a Psychologist or a therapist, but her intuitive abilities, her life experience and her passion for life allows her to help others live the life they desire. Contact Sandra Graves for a FREE 15-30 minutes consultation and see if life coaching is for you.

Autora, Motivadora y Coach de Vida

Sandra Graves, United States

Jan 2005 - Present

Coach de Vida, Reclama Tu Poder, Aumenta Tu Autoestima, Confianza Total, Vence Tus Miedos, Conoce El Exito, Amate Mujer, Tu Mereces Lo Mejor, Paz Sanacion Interior, Como Ser Un Triunfador, Tus Traumas Traumatizan, El Poder del Amor Propio, Las Mujeres Que Aman Demasiado, El Poder del Perdon, Rompe Las Cadenas

Sandra Graves es la autora del libro "Sanación Interior: reclama tu poder" un libro espiritual que te ayuda a mejorar tu vida, tener el éxito que buscas y conocer la paz interior. Sandra Graves, también conocida como la "Amiga Fiel" esta disponible en Facebook “Sandra Graves Motivadora” o por medio de su pagina http://www.reclamatupoder.com

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Sandra Graves is the author of the book "7 Days of Self-Love" a book that can assist you in learning how to love yourself, while achieving your dreams. It will provide you with questions that will help you analyze your own life and understand how you can start loving who you are, without feeling guilty about it. You find Sandra Graves on Facebook “Sandra Graves Speaker” or visit her website at http://www.mysandragraves.com


BFA Visual Communications - suma cum laude

American Intercontinental University, Illinois, United States

Sep 2003 - Sep 2006

Español: Estudie elaboración, difusión de mensajes visuales, mercadeo, multimedia, reflejo de productos. Como diseño integral o gráfico, impresión digital, carteleria y trabajos especiales como diseño de paginas Web.

English: I learned graphic Design, Multimedia, and Web Design, rapid prototyping, marketing, writing design guidelines and visualization analysis.

Bilingual Trainer

MTU Connection, Minnesota, United States

Jan 1999 - Apr 2002

* Motivated and trained employees as well as clients on one-on-one basis or as a group.

* Researched and created training materials in order to help others meet their goals.

Associations & Membership
Hispanic Chamber and IWA
Texas, United States
Jan 2007 - Present

Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio. Member of The International Association of WebMasters and Designers.

Publications and Research
Pasion Proposito Perseverancia
Sandra Graves

Español:Sandra ha publicado mas de cinco libros de autoestima y superación personal. También se ha presentado en la radio y .tv. Puedes comprar sus libros en Amazon.com, varias de sus publicaciones las puedes encontrar en google.com

English: Sandra Graves has published over five books of personal development and has made appearance on radio and webtv. Her books can be found at Amazon.com and many of her articles can be found on Google.

by Irtza Shahan posted on 19 January, 2011

I'm attending but any how my Self-Esteem is good enough . What I'm actually in search of is something to get better at "WILL POWER" and "SELF-CONTROL" . I 'll be very thankful if someone suggests me something for this .

by HG KRISHNA posted on 15 May, 2010


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