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About SafeSquid Content Filtering Internet Proxy

SafeSquid provides a reliable and efficient solution for enterprise-wide distribution of Internet Access. It delivers the essential goals of a Content Filtering Internet Proxy - 'Total Access Control' & 'Total Content Control'. It's unique features provide better Manageability, Granularity & Scalability than any other comparable solution.

SafeSquid TechTeam will conduct regular classes to train interested individuals in installing, configuring, managing, and tuning SafeSquid for optimal performance. Training classes will also be conducted on topics like installing and configuring various log analyzers and anti virus, and using them with SafeSquid.

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Internet Security (Computer: Security)
Language of Instruction: English
Installing, configuring, performance tuning, profiling, creating granular policies in SafeSquid Content Filtering Internet Proxy, using other utilities like log analyzers and anti virus

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