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Embrace flipped learning with our Flipped Classroom Software.

What is a flipped classroom?

Instructors all over the world are embracing flipped classroom. It’s a pedagogical approach that inverts the traditional learning model – the classwork is done at home and the homework is done in the class.

Considered to be a more effective approach, flipped classroom advocates dedicating the class-time to explore topics in-depth and gain functional understanding of the concept, while introductory material can be consumed by the learners before attending the class. WizIQ’s flipped classroom software allows instructors to rearrange their instruction style and embrace flipped learning in a more effective way.


Adopt a learner-centred approach

Embrace flipped classroom software to make instruction more effective and learner-centric. Allow them to do classwork at home in an individual setting and homework in the class in a group setting.

  • Store your courseware in WizIQ Content Library, and share content pieces with learners for their consumption before class.
  • Guide them in the class on how to apply the acquired knowledge.
  • Use class time to solve problems instead of explaining the basic concept.
flipped classroom software
flipped classroom platform

Create narrated video presentations from your live lecture

Record your live lecture, capture the illustrations on online whiteboards and convert them into narrated presentations.

  • Use these presentations to create additional resources for your learners which they can refer to at any time.
  • Narrated presentations can be used as introductory material for the new batch of learners, which they can view before the live class.

Foster functional understanding during live lectures

Because learners already have some level of conceptual understanding, you can focus more on the functional aspect during live class.

  • Help learners develop functional fluency in your live class after they’ve taken the preliminary video session.
  • Use whiteboards for solving math problems, drawing diagrams, or creating graphs – perfect for real-time activities.
  • Divide learners into groups and place them in breakout rooms for collaborative activities.
flipped classroom software
blended learning software

Assess learner performance

It’s important to measure learning to understand its impact. WizIQ’s flipped classroom platform offers a number of ways to measure learner performance:

  • Create and run quizzes during or towards the completion of the course.
  • Create objective or subjective tests to evaluate how learners are faring.
  • Use polling tool to conduct surveys to understand the needs of learners and get their feedback.


Thanks to the dynamic nature of WizIQ’s live virtual classes, easy-to-view class recordings (which can be watched asynchronously whenever and wherever students wish), and the discussions and networking that take place on the platform, more and more English language teachers and learners are saving time, money, and energy by flipping the classroom.

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