12 Moodle tools to interact with your students online

Effective elearning requires participation and collaboration from students; and teachers are continuously looking to leverage technology to support their objectives and create an environment conducive to interactive learning. 

More and more educationists and teachers worldwide are turning to Moodle for their online education programs. The reasons are simple a) it’s open source b) provides tools that promote active learning, interaction, and collaboration. 

The focus of the Moodle project is on giving educators the best tools to manage and promote learning

From learning logs that aid in reflection on essential questions, sharing and communicating via live chat and forums, creating and giving quizzes, producing book-like content, and teaching via podcasts and virtual classrooms, the use of Moodle for e-learning is exemplary.

Our whitepaper, 12 Moodle Tools to Interact with Your Students Online, takes a look at a bevy of features that Moodle offers and how teachers can use these tools to make their classes more interactive and fun. 

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