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Experienced Online Quran Tutor will help student with Quran Reading in Arabic correctly and talk about basic rules of Tajweed.

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Quran Reading (Others)

Language of Instruction: English

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Language of Instruction: English

Basic Arabic Language

Quran (Others)

Language of Instruction: English, Arabic

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Praise be to Allah who fulfills our needs. There is a saying that says when the time is right the teacher will appear. Alhumdullilah my teacher has appeared. Allah has blessed us all that is every one involved in making this learning through skyping easy and availble to all, and for for bring us together, organization, student, teacher and every one else that is working towards creating the right environment to make this on line tutoring successful. This world is nor such a big place anymore, and we attract each other with our needs, Education on line , in this case WiziQ is the one who has made a difference. Above all My Lord and Creator Allah is the One to be grateful to. After all if He did not bless us with knowledge, needs, desires to learn, teach, etc we can not achief anything. This is team work . May Allah make my learning, and those other striving to learn easy and bring ease to our teachers and bless them with patience and abundent blessings in this life and after

By tasnim

On 22 July, 2010

Insha Allah I have found a wonderful tutor. May Allah enable me to benefit greatly from he teaching.


On 09 February, 2010

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