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I am an educator with proven skills in improving English proficiency using various research based technology strategies. I have taught using computer technology for approximately 15 years in the Eastern part of the United States. I am a National Board Certified Career and Technical Educator with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on Education Technology.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $10-20 per hour

Group Teaching at $10-20 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $10-20 per hour

Group Teaching at $10-20 per hour

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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Business Education English (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Business Education English
NBCT (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Content Areas
Teaching Experience

Online Career and Technical Education

Public School, United States

Jan 1997 - Present

Conversational English

Certified to teach Conversational English, Business English, National Board Certification (demonstrated ability to teach a diverse population of students)

My conversational style and demeanor has gained me several recognitions for outstanding performance and acheivements.

Facilitator for National Board Certified Teachers

NBCT, United States

Jan 2001 - Present

National Board Certification

For the past 10 years I have served as a NBCT faciitator for the district and my school.

Approximately 97% of the teachers I have worked with are successful with certification.

Business Education Teacher

North Carolina Public Schools, United States

Jan 1996 - Present

Business Education, Technology

National Board Certification
Doctoral Candidate for Education Leadership
FBLA Advisor
Science Olympiad Advisor
CAST Club (Connecting All Student Technologically)

Professional Experience
Professional Speaker
National Conference, North Carolina, United States
Jan 1997 - Present


University of Phoenix, North Carolina, United States

Jan 2006 - Present

Masters Curriculum & Instruction

University of Phoenix, North Carolina, United States

Jan 2001 - Jan 2002

Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

Professional Exams & Certifications


National Boards, United States

Year Of Passing: 2001

National Board Certification

North Carolina, United States

Year Of Passing: 2001

by rasha rqaum posted on 10 May, 2012

thank , for great class , your classes make me happy all the time , and the information was given by gaurav, very nice to learn something new about marine .

by Gaurav Walia posted on 10 May, 2012

Extraordinary session... this would definitely help english language learning a major boost... :)

by rasha rqaum posted on 18 April, 2012

nice class, i feel the different kind of weather come across us, i feel cold, warm, wet, sunny during this class, that was fantastic time i spent, after the end of class came ,i am more invigorating to join another classes with priscilla.

by rasha rqaum posted on 12 April, 2012

fantastic class , priscilla ask us to put our feeling and imagination to the images, and that was fantastic, because any one of us have a point of view, this class help me to go forward to improve my english. thank priscilla.

by moradelnafs mora posted on 12 April, 2012

Very fruitful this time we are in a higher level I love it. Thank you prcillia.

by hanan_7787 posted on 03 March, 2012

thank you so much , it is very nice the class. I hope , we meet another class ,

by rasha rqaum posted on 23 February, 2012

this a good class, in this class i learn how to create a dialogue immediately,and feel with joy to talk with priscilla, because this kind of feeling comfortable with her, every time i touch that, for that the time was whiz while we took this wonderful class.

by rasha rqaum posted on 11 February, 2012

very nice class, while i am reading with priscilla , i can figure out my mistakes to correct it, and my reading and understanding become better everyday , for that i believe to continue reading with priscilla is very benefit to me, thank priscilla for your kindness and patient to teach non native.

by Florin posted on 24 January, 2012

Excellent! As always.

by ABDELKADER AEK posted on 20 January, 2012

listening to each one of the group help us to create a kind of a positive competion, so that we improve our English quikly and effecitvely. Obviously this can be possible only with tyhe help of our great teacher Priscilla whome i do respect her a lot.

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