Virtual Class Embeds Now Available

Exclusive New Capability Leads Competitors in Providing Value to Educators and their Students

Raleigh, NC, December 08, 2008 today announced that it has expanded its popular online virtual classroom platform with the launch of an exclusive Virtual Class Embed feature. This new capability, exclusive to WizIQ, gives teachers, tutors and other educators the previously unavailable way of applying multimedia content to online learning using their own websites and blogs.

The WizIQ Virtual Class Embed is employed like an embed of a YouTube video by allowing teachers to copy the content code and simply post it to their blog, website or social network. Additionally, Virtual Class Embeds lets students sign up for classes directly from instructors’ blogs or websites without going to They can watch the class, participate in the chat, send the teacher a message and invite their friends to watch the class all from within the embedded virtual classroom.

The Virtual Class Embeds are available to teachers right on the confirmation page after a class is scheduled in case of private classes and on the class information page in case of public classes. More information on using the embeds here: Virtual Class Embeds

Key benefits of WizIQ Virtual Class Embeds

  • Increase educators’ Website/Blog traffic by integrating high quality multimedia content
  • Visitors on teachers’ blogs or websites can attend Virtual Classes from these blogs or websites without having to visit
  • Instructors receive a back-link to their class page, increasing profile and search engine visibility
  • Allows others to easily embed classes and spread the word if the classes are public
  • Teachers can pass the embed code to others’ blogs or websites to help further promote awareness about their classes

"This latest enhancement for the first time takes the classroom to the students, rather than the students having to go to the classroom,” said Harman Singh, WizIQ CEO. “It also lets educators effectively far create far richer and more compelling learning experiences using their own blogs and websites. Our virtual classroom developments will continue providing effective online education tools for teachers and students. Keep an eye on what’s next from WizIQ. More is on the way!"

With nearly 2000 new members joining daily, has clocked more than 8 million online teaching minutes. It has beenis widely adopted by teachers [ ]and is rapidly becoming the preferred method for educators at all levels to establish an online e-learning presence that is engaging students with technology unavailable elsewhere. What's different about is that it is the only software as-a-service-based Web 2.0 network enabling educators and students to meet online in real time for virtual classes. Not a software application, it eliminates downloading re-learning applications or the need for periodic and often costly upgrades. The virtual classroom is just one of the tools available for educators and students. It offers a content library, a test section, teacher profiles, and free public classes by experts. The WizIQ concept is unique in focusing specifically on teachers’ needs and has evolved during five years of learning from users’ behavior. WizIQ provides a new face of knowledge acquisition to the students in the ‘Global Village’. It is the virtual classroom platform where students and teachers can access the best of both worlds beyond the conventional limits of location, time, and security. Educomp, a renowned name in online education, has invested in WizIQ.

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