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PM Academy is the educational division of i2m Services, a professional services firm delivering business solutions in the area of program and project management. Together, we deliver value to our clients by bringing solutions for your projects based on expertise and experience.

PM Academy is an institution that stands for promoting excellence in the practice of project and program management. To do this, we focus on world-class skills and capability development that allow individuals and organizations to execute projects flawlessly.

Our objective is to develop project and program managers who adopt a rigorous and integrated approach to project management based on delivering the right outcomes. This approach is backed by a set of professional competencies and support tools that help project managers manage:

* Integration
* Planning
* Scope
* Time and Cost
* Risk
* Communication and Performance in program and project management

In short, we exist to develop Project and Program Managers who deliver.

Take a look at the services we have to offer to organizations like yours:

We are a center of excellence
As a Center of Excellence , PM Academy acts as a catalyst for PM best practices across different industry and business context by embedding four key functions of a PMCOE.

Our Philosophy
PM Academy believes in linking learning to performance-on-the-job. Our development methodology is built around ensuring implementation of knowledge and skills while encouraging learners to explore various channels of acquiring skills at both the team level and the organizational level.

Our Affiliations
At PM Academy, our goal is to provide global standards for our program participants. This is why we are partnering with international institutions so we can integrate best practices and standards for competency development.