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GMAT (Others)
Language of Instruction: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Quantitative - GMAT, GRE, SAT, CAT
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Perfect Scores, United States

Jan 2011 - Present

Mathematics, Aptitude, Statistics and Economics


PhD Marketing

Iowa State University - College of Business, Iowa, United States

Aug 2016 - Present

Post Graduate in Business

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Jan 2010 - Jun 2011

by pratikjain posted on 01 February, 2015

awesome too good)

by HANEEF posted on 21 December, 2014

Your methods of teaching with that level of enthusiasm makes Quant awesome. Honour to be your student. Thank you.

by nelson posted on 21 December, 2014

Great class, very good teacher and you move forward with it. The rest, of coruse, a lot of practice.

by Anandita Agarwal posted on 06 November, 2014

The class was really good.. Got to learn a lot of new things... Very well explained everything.... Thanks for such an initiative..

by Saranya G posted on 21 October, 2014

Thank you sooo much Preetinder! This session is of great help.. that too in my last minute preparation. Thank you.. n 'I mean it!'

by YasirMehmood posted on 09 October, 2014

It gives me very good overview of GRE and tricks which will help me to better perform and prepare for the test. Please keep it up and I am really tankful for the session.

by Anna Teplan posted on 02 October, 2014

It was a great course including "hard questions" with very simple explanations and good concepts.

by Supraja posted on 24 August, 2014

plzz conduct the e-classes even on CAT ,well explanation is absolutely helpful

by Sanjeev posted on 15 August, 2014

great class

by Rakhi Ranglani posted on 15 August, 2014

the techniques and strategies were helpful....but i did not watched your all videos i felt i missed some concepts but later on when u explain the question...the journey to that question was easy...

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