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What is true of the pre-Chaucerian period?
Dates from 500-1340
Is also called Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman Period
Vocabulary for the most part is native
The prose of this time is strictly practical in purpose
All the above
The Middle and the Later Plantagenet Period is also know as:-
The Norman Period
The Age of Chaucer
The Saxon Period
The Age of Elizabeth
None of the above
Another name for Jacobean Age is – I   Age of Renaissance II  Reign of James-1 III Age of Bacon and John Donne
I Only
II Only
III Only
I and II Only
I,II and III Only
The Age of Shakespeare is called :-
The Elizabethan Age
The Caroline Age
The Queen Anne Age
The Victorian Age
None of the above
The chief exponent of the Caroline Age is :-
The time of the Age of Restoration is :-
The years 1688-1744 are popularly known as:-
The Age of Pope
The queen Anne Age
The early Georgian Age
The Age of Sensibility
All the above
The Age of Wordsworth is synonymous with:-
The Renaissance Age
The Augustan Age
The Commonwealth Period
Pre-Raphaelite Era
None of the above
The Victorian Age is popularly known as:- I  The Age of Queen Victoria II The Romantic Age III The Age of Tennyson
I  Only
II Only
III Only
I and II
II and III
The Aesthetic Movement which was a European phenomenon ,was chiefly influenced by the views of :-
Charles Darwin
Edgar Allan Poe
Charles Lamb
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For the convenience of discussion, historians divide the continuity of English literature into segments of time which are called “Periods”. The exact numbers, dates and names of these periods vary at times, but broadly speaking they are close. The knowledge of such periods is the prerequisite for taking the exam for AP students of English literature. This short test is prepared in the Multiple Choice format, specially designed for students taking AP test in English literature.


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