Galvanometer, Ammeter and Voltmeter Online Test

It is necessary to use a milliammeter with a 20mA scale as an ammeter for measuring currents upto 5A.

Calculate the resistance of the shunt if the internal resistance of the milliammeter is 8 Ohm.

The deflection in a galvanometer falls from 50 divisions to 10 divisions when a 12 Ohm shunt is applied.

Calculate the galvanometer resistance.

An I deal voltmeter has ------------------ resistance

Can we decrease the range of a given ammeter

Which is NOT a Moving Coil Galvanometer?

A galvanometer has a reistance of 5 Ohm and a full scale deflection is produced by 15 mA.

What resistance must be connectd to enable the galvaometer to ra 1.5A


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