Mathematics: Mensuration Online Test

Semi-circular lawns are attached to both the edges of a rectangular field measuring 42 m x 35 m. The area of the total field is :
3818.5 m2
8318 m2
5813 m2
1358 m2
A wire is in the form of a circle of radius 35 cm. If it is bent into the shape of a rhombus, then what is the side of the rhombus?
32 cm
70 cm
55 cm
17 cm
The volume of cube is V. The total length of its edges is :
The cross-section of a canal is in the form of a trapezium. If the canal top is 10 m wide, the bottom is 6 m wide and the area of the cross-section is 72 m2, then the depth of the canal is :
10 m
7 m
6 m
9 m
The area of the four walls of a room is 120 m2. The length is twice its breadth. If the height of the room is 4 m, then the area of the floor is :
30 m2
50 m2
40 m2
60 m2
The radius of the circumcircle of an equilateral triangle of side 12 cm is :
If a solid sphere of radius 10 cm is moulded into 8 spherical solid balls of equal radius, then the surface area of each ball is:
60p cm2
50p cm2
75p cm2
100p cm2
The sides of triangle are 6 cm, 11 cm and 15 cm. The radius of its incircle is:
An edge of a cube measures 10 cm. If the largest possible cone is cut out of this cube then the volume of the come is :
260 cm3
260.9 cm3
261.9 cm3
262.7 cm3
A horse is tethered to one corner of a rectangular grassy field 40 m by 24 m with a rope 14 m long. Over how much area of the field can it graze?
154 cm2
308 m2
150 m2
None of these
The sides of a rectangular field are ain the ratio 3 ; 4 with its area as 7500 m2. The cost of fencing the field @ 25-paise per metre is :
Rs. 87.50
Rs. 86.50
Rs. 67.50
Rs. 55.50
A right-angled triangle has hypotenuse of 13 cm and one side of 12 cm. its area is :
A circular park of 20 metre diameter has a circular path just inside the boundary of width 1 metre. The area of the path is:
The surface area of a cube is 150 cm2. What is the length of its diagonal in cm?
If the circumference and the area of a circle are numerically equal, than what is the numerical value of the diameter?
If the length of the diagonal of a square and that of the side of another square are both 10 cm, the ratio of the area of the first square to that of the second is :
1 : 2
1 : 3
1 : 4
2 : 3
A sphere of radius 3 cm is dropped into a cylindrical vessel party filled with water. The radius of the vessel is 6 cm. If the sphere is submerged completely, then surface of the water is raised by:
¼ cm
½ cm
1 cm
2 cm
If the volume of a sphere is divided by its surface area then the result is 27 cm. The radius of the sphere is :
9 cm
27 cm
81 cm
243 cm
If a cistern is 3 m long, 2 m wide and 1 m deep, its capacity in litres is:
The perimeter of a rectangular field is 480 m and the ratio between the length and the breadth is 5 : 3. The area is :
15500 m2
13500 m2
1550 m2
1350 m2
The volume of a cube whose surface area in 726 m2 is :
1300 m3
From a square piece of paper having each side equal to 10 cm, the largest possible circle is cut out. The ratio of the area of the circle to the area of the circle to the area of the original square is closest to :
The ratio of the areas of the incircle and the circumcircle of a square is :
1 : 4
1 : 2
The ratio of the areas of the incircle and the circumcircle of a square is :
1 : 4
1 : 2

This paper has 25 questions which are required to be completed in half an hours time.



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