Basic Kloledge of 3D Studio Max Online Test

In 3Ds Max setting units means ?

Maps and Promaterials are not the same things ?

There are ( ) types of cameras in 3Ds max 2010 ?

In 3Ds Max Ram Player used for ?

Compound objects are not 3D parametric objects ?

Creating shapes and making splines are the same things ?

Keyframe Animation and creating keys are not the different things ?

Materials and maps are the same things ?

In 3ds max Animation used for game correctors ?

Lighting and rendering has the same effects ?

Indirect illumination and exposure control used for the same purpose ?

In 3Ds Max selecting objects means ?

It is not necessary to select objects to move in 3ds max ?

Daylight system used for ?

What are the Splines ?

The following is essential modifier ?

What is Modifier stack or modifier list ?

How much object types are in 3ds max ?

is it possible to have more than 4 viewports in 3d studio max ?

What are the view ports.


This simple test is about 3Ds Max basic knowledge . The purpose of this test is that either how much knowledge do you have about 3ds max



If the english was better, then one can understand and answer the questions properly !!!

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very helpful test

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