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Two fiends, Zola and Zeena invested capitals in the ratio 4: 7 in a start-up dotcom company. Zola, being a computer engineer, became the working partner, whereas, Zeena just ventured his capital in the company as its sleeping partner. What percentage of the total profits may be given as salary to Zola, so that their incomes at the end of the year are equal?
During a fateful day plagued with rail accident on a parallel line, a London tube could cover 25% of the distance at 10kmph, next 50% of the distance at 15kmph and the remaining distance at just 5kmph. Find his average speed in kmph for the entire journey of London tube that day.
11.5 km
11.3 km
11.1 km
10.6 km
None of these
Okama’s weekly earnings, from week 1 to Week 3, are in the ratio of 2: 4: 5. If the difference between the product of his earnings of the Week 1 and Week 2, to that of the Week 2 and Week 3 (when taken in US$) is 4800, then his earning for the Week 2 would be
Rs 6000
Rs 7000
Rs 8000
Rs 9000
Rs 10000
A granary holds a mixture of 66 tons of two grains, corn and barley in the ratio of 7: x. If four tons of barley is added more to the mixture, the ratio becomes 3 : 2, find the value of x.
At a coke storage plant, a tank has 50 liters of coke-concentrate. 5 liters from it is removed and replaced with the same amount of mineral water. This process is repeated two more times. What is the amount of coke-concentrate in the resultant solution?
26.45 liters
36.45 liters
46.45 liters
56.45 liters
None of these
The average height of the trees in the River valley was 15 feet. When 5 trees whose average height was 12½ feet were felled, the average was reduced by ½ feet. How many trees were there in the valley initially?
Cannot be determined
How many sides would a polygon have, if each of its interior angle is 4 times that of its exterior angle?
A playfield is in the shape of trapezium with the parallel sides of measuring 33 m and 12 m. The distance between them is 24 m. How many temporary tents can be erected in this playfield, if each tent occupies area of exactly 30m2?
If the number of terms in an arithmetic series is even and the sum of its odd numbered terms is 72, whereas the sum of its even numbered terms is 78. Find the number of terms of this series, if the first term is 111/2 less than the last term.
None of these
A rhombus shaped field has the distances between pairs of opposite vertices as 14 m and 48 m. What would be the total expense of fencing the field at $20/meter?
None of these
The average weight of 80 passengers in three coaches of a train is 68kg. All the 24 passengers in the first coach have an average weight of 64kg and all the 26 passengers of the second coach have 66kgs as their average weight. Find the approximate average weight of the passengers of the third coach?
Three adults and six children can complete a work in six days. Four adults and five children can complete the same work in five days. The work done by eleven children is equal to the work of how many adults?
2 adults
3 adults
4 adults
6 adults
Cannot be determined
One-fourth of Toyoda’s money is equal to 1/6th of Morris’s money. If together they have $600, the difference between their amounts is
Cannot be determined
From 7 Asians and 4 Africans, a team of 6 is to be formed. Find the number of ways can this be done when the committee consists of exactly two African.
200 ways
210 ways
220 ways
230 ways
250 ways
Find the sum to n terms of 3 + 33 + 333 + . . .
[10/9 (10n ( 1) ( n]
3[10/9 (10n ( 1) ( n]
2[8/9 (10n ( 1) ( n]
3[12/9 (10n ( 1) ( n]
None of these

The test contains 15 questions based on Quantitative Aptitude as per original GRE test. These 15 questions each of relating to Number Systems, Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry topics which are among the frequently asked topics in the original GRE test. The GRE writers often bring simple problems where in you are to analyze the situations and apply the fundamental concepts of mathematics. An attempt has been made to keep the language of the questions very simple.


Muhamed Riyaz

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2125 days 17 hours 40 minutes ago


For more information about GRE practice test see this

2473 days 5 hours 15 minutes ago


Question 1: In the solution, salary of Zola is calculated to be 3x/7...shouldn't it be 3x/14? Can someone clarify?

3024 days 23 hours 20 minutes ago

Prayook Jatesiktat

Wrong solution in question 9, you let the number of terms = 2n
When you got n at the end, you should multiply it by 2 to get the solution.

3118 days 21 hours 41 minutes ago

Ashish Vinayak

Question 3 is incorrect. I got the correct answer as 800. However, not having that as an option I selected 8000. Can someone verify this?

3235 days 17 hours 22 minutes ago

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