Application of Biology Online Test

Parthenocarpic tomato fruits can be produced by
treating the plants with low concentrations of gibberellic acid and auxins
raising the plants from vernalized seeds
treating the plants with phenyl mercuric acetate
removing androecium of flowers before pollen grains are released
Golden rice is a promising transgenic crop. When released for cultivation. It will help in
pest resistance
herbicide tolerance
producing a petrol –like fuel from rice
alleviation of vitamin A deficiency
In Maize, hybrid vigour is exploited by
crossing of two inbred parental lines
harvesting seeds from the most productive plants
inducing mutations
bombarding the protoplast with DNA
Which one of the following is the most suitable medium for culture of Drosophila melanogaster?
Agar agar
Ripe banana
Cow dung
Moist bread
Curing of tea leaves is brought about by the activity of
Triticale , the first man –made cereal crop, has been obtained by crossing wheat with
Pearl millet
Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) strains have been used for designing novel:
Bio –metallurgical techniques
Bio –mineralization processes
Bioinsecticidal plants
The most likely reason for the development of resistance against pesticides in insects damaging a crop is
random mutations
genetic recombination
directed mutations
acquired heritable chages
India’s wheat revolution in the 1960s was possible primarily due to
hybrid seeds
increased chlorophyll content
mutations resulting in plant height reduction
quantitative trait mutations
Which of the following plants are used as green manure in crop fields and in sandy soils?
Dichanthium annulatum and Azolla nilotica
Crotalaria juncea and Alhagi camelorum
Calotropis procera and phyllanthus niruri
Saccharum munja and Lantana camara
Which of the following crops have been brought to India from New World?
Cashewnut, potato, rubber
Mango, tea
Tea, rubber, mango
L.S.D. is
Which of the following is pair of bio –fertilizers?
Azolla and BGA
Nostoc and legumes
Rhizobium and grasses
Salmonella and E. coli
Bitter gourd
Before European invader which vegetable was absent in India?
Potato and tomato
Simla mirch and Brinjal
Maize and Chichinda
He aquatic fern, which is an excellent biofertiliser is
Hybridoma cells are
Nervous cells of frog .
Hybrid cells resulting from myeloma cells
Only cells having oncogenes
Product of spore formation in bacteria
Which one of the following insecticides is more stable in the environment?
What is Agent Orange?
Colour used in fluorescent lamps
A weedicide containing dioxin
A biodegradable insecticide
A hazardous chemical used in luminous paints

This test contains questions from Applications of Biology for AIPMT


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