Spanish placement test

1. Los hombres ______ afeitan cuando tienen barba.

Cuando llegamos allí, nos dijeron que Roberto ya ______ .

¿A usted ______ bien su nuevo secretario?

¿Es posible que ______ dónde está el tesoro?

Los muchachos no ______ esquiar.

______ libro que está aquí es de Carla.

Leímos los artículos, ______ encontramos muy interesantes.

Los ancianos ______ sentados en los sillones más cómodos.

Después de nadar en el lago, quiero ______ el pelo.

El escritor ______ mandó los manuscritos al señor Gutiérrez.

Si sube el nivel de los océanos a causa del calentamiento global, muchas costas ______ .

X: ¿Te gustó la comida?

Y: Sí, ______ mucho.

La mujer ______ dio la conferencia es muy inteligente, ¿no?


1. All items are to be completed by all students. The expectation is that students who have had one or two years of high school Spanish will answer fewer questions correctly than students who have had three or more years of high school Spanish. 2. The test is entirely in Spanish (except for the instructions) and consists of multiple choice questions with either two, three, or four choices each. 3. The test is scored as the number of correct answers, with no penalty for guessing. Each item has only one acceptable answer. This number correct score is converted to a standard score between 150 and 850 for the purposes of score reporting. 4. The Language Usage and Reading Comprehension Test is designed as a test of skill and not speed. Ample time is allowed to answer all questions. Sixty (60) minutes are allowed to complete the Spanish Placement Test. 5. The Spanish Placement Test total score (Language Usage and Reading Comprehension combined) has a reliability above .90. The two sections individually each have test reliabilities above .85.


Matthew Hill

It's been over 2 years since I've studied Spanish, what are some of the ways to refresh yourself for the placement test?

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